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  • High Scores On Safety Standards

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    Scores on most of the items in this dimension are high. High scores represent a positive attitude towards safety. The lowest score observed was on PA7 which questions about trade-off between getting a task completed and doing it by the book. With a mean score of (3.72) it shows disagreement among respondents as to how a task is completed according to their job. For instance, ATC respondents show that half of them agree there is a trade-off between getting a task done and doing it by the book, while

  • PSI Scoring

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    When the total stress score of an individual falls above the 90th percentile, parents are considered to be at-risk and referral for intervention is recommended. Scores on the Parent and Child Domain scores are then interpreted to clarify the issues that should be addressed during intervention. When the Parent Domain score is elevated above the 90th percentile and the Child Domain score is not, dysfunctional parental attitudes and struggles with parenting

  • Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio Paper

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    The total score for project two is zero. PROJECT THREE Project three proposes that the company replace all the PCs for the company's sales team and upgrade the CRM (customer relationship management) software. Although this project isn't expected to have a direct

  • Questions On Information Technology Procurement

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    perspectives allows for a holistic view of the procurement process NH will undertake that must be met to ensure collaborative and efficient partnership. 2. Critical Analysis (HCA) 2.1. Qualitative Criteria Criteria Description Accessibility A high score will be awarded to the vendor who presents a system that allows for accessibility from a wide range of geographical regions. Admitting clerks should be able to remotely access the system from a variety of different locations. Restriction of

  • Violence, Crime, And Violence

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    In a neighborhood filled with hate, crime, and violence Troy, a 17 year old boy from the cold hard streets of North Philadelphia is just trying to make a name for himself and become the first athlete to make it big out of his neighborhood. His mother is very sick but keeps it hidden from him because Troy has big dreams to be recruited by a D-1 school and very close to make it out of the streets of north philly.Mind you no one has ever made it out of these streets, They’ve either been killed or thrown

  • A Report Card For Yankton School District

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    contained further detailed information and percentages regarding test scores in math, ELA, and science. After collecting and organizing the data from the district report card for Yankton School District, one of the most interesting trends I found was the difference in scores between 2013 and 2014. For the years 2012 and 2013, scores were reported on four levels: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. Then in 2014, the scores were reported on a new leveling system including the four levels: Level

  • What Steps Have You Taken For Address Their Needs?

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    students who met simply corrected their mistakes and they had the opportunity to chat with me about their corrections. The one student who scored and AP will get intervention during specials or in morning meeting. The students will record their score in their leadership binder and present them in the student lead conferences in December. 4. Paste your student achievement data into the space below. If you wish, you may also attach it as a separate document. o Blue = E o Red= M o Green= AP o White

  • Use Of Measure Disability And Level Of An Individual's Health

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    organizations and Medicare when monitoring and assessing progress in adult individuals (Ware, 2000). In regards to scoring the SF-36, this is a two-step process in which scores have to be recoded and then averaged together to create scale scores for each domain (Ware, 2000). Research on the SF-36 has concluded that it is relatively easy to score, as long as clinicians follow the two-step scoring process (Ware, 2000). It is also important to note that the SF-36 is in the public domain, available in multiple

  • Reason For Referral : Evaluation Of An Ed530, Assessment Of Reading

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    REASON FOR REFERRAL: Jane was evaluated as part of an ED530, Assessment of Reading & LD assignment. She was selected due to her parents’ interest in knowing Jane’s writing skill level and looking at this assignment to figure out if she can pursue school psychology as a career in the future. TESTING CONDITIONS: Jane was tested in the examiner’s home. The table used for the assessment was cleared of all items except for testing materials. Jane had a glass of orange juice during the test, and

  • The Culture At My Previous Employment

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    Leaders must work with others in the organization to understand the organization’s culture. The core beliefs and values that are shared by the organization’s members, that guide their actions in its behalf and define their expectations about the actions of those around them (Beach, 2006). In analyzing the culture at my previous employment, I discovered a few different types of cultures existed within my organization. The organization I worked for was a manufacturer of foam components to the Automotive