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  • Exploring How Genre and Narrative Features Create Meaning and Generate Audience Response in Twelve Monkeys

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    mystery to give us our first taste of the thriller element to the film. During the final shot of the boy's face we begin to hear a woman calling out names, this voice does not seem to belong in the current scene, and it doesn't. The camera cuts to the face of a rugged, sleeping man. We have changed time and place suddenly which immediately serves to confuse the audience. "Cole, James" is the next name that the female voice shouts and the man awakes suddenly. He appears

  • Observing Social Behavior In Better Call Saul

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    Observing Social Behavior Social behavior is everywhere in society, hence why I didn’t go far to observe it. I observed social behavior by watching the first episode of “Better Call Saul” with no sound, observing only the characters actions and the setting, to try and decipher the plot. By doing this, I have gathered what I trust to be, the plot of the show. I believe it’s a flashback to a young lawyer, James McGill, trying to make it in his field. Between the struggle to make it and present day

  • The Evil of 1889

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    What do you want from me?" "What an incorrect reply. Let me rephrase that. I didn't kidnap you but I just borrowed you." In shock I said, "Borrow me! You can't borrow a human. Are you a lunatic?" "Hahaha, young lady you should never call a noble man a lunatic. You should know of the consequences." The light shut and a sound that resembled electricity was heard nearby. This time I listened very closely. The sound kept getting louder and closer. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" My body was twitching, my hair smelled

  • The Steps Of Humility And Pride, A Guide For People Seeking The Truth

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    my take on Bernard of Clairvaux’s The Steps of Humility and Pride, a guide for people seeking the truth in God. I say “supposed” because as I read Bernard’s work, I found something entirely different from what I was expecting. What I expected was a man of holy nature rambling on about how we should excuse ourselves from pride, as it stains the true potential of the human soul. At that point, it would almost seem inappropriate to berate the views he has over pride and humility, like yelling at somebody’s

  • Acts Of Deviance From Members Of Our Society

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    went to the next available cashier. Immediately, the first man who had been waiting called after the woman. The woman, however, just told the guy that she was in a rush. Soon, everyone else who was waiting in line expressed their own angry by participating in insulting the woman who skipped them. I

  • John Munroe Case Study

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    who will be the first poor bastard to swing from this?" In September of 1869 a few children were picking blueberries along Black River Rd, in saint John New Brunswick. They stumbled upon the bodies of an adult female and infant that had been left in this spot for over a year. No one seemed to know who they might be and police questioned a man by the name of James Kane. Although their investigation of Kane was dismissed, a coachman by the name of Robert Worden came forward. The man informed them

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    Nobody wanted me. I got nervous when my owner said that the junk man was coming to get me next Monday. I became really scared when he said they would put me in a “CRUSHER”. He shut the garage door and left me in the dark with my little friends trying to comfort me. Later in the week, something really strange happened. It was Thursday night, right before CRUSHER MONDAY. The garage door opened to reveal my owner with a flashlight. A strange man came in with him, holding his very own flashlight. They moved

  • Multimodal Vs. Multimodal Mode

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    Imagine this, your English teacher hands you a copy of a text and tells you to read and have a good understanding of the information by the next class period. Being the exceptional good reader that you are, you think, “no problem.” However, the text is about a tricky topic that has more of a biased appeal, meaning how it is interpreted is based on each individual’s opinion. While you’re reading you are having a tough time involving yourself in the text and deciding whether you agree or disagree with

  • The Sniper - Original Writing

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    towards him, walking away. It seemed to notice him, and the sniper noticed the man. This other man must be an enemy. His better judgment said so, at least. But for some reason, he clung to the desperate, fantastical notion that this man would help him. The sniper had been injured significantly. As the sniper neared the man, or the man approached him, the man’s figure became more distinct. The sniper realized this man, and the smudges that accompanied him which gradually turned into other figures

  • We Came: A Short Story

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    but don’t think you didn’t have help. You owe me, and I got the team that’s gonna make it worth your while,” Ray insisted jovially. “Let’s be getting to introductions.” They approached the first man, and Ray motioned to him confidently. Though his face was cleanly shaved, he appeared to have never