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  • My Fitness Test Scores

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    to the changes in my fitness test scores. Regarding exercise, I would consider myself to be an active person throughout the year, which probably led to some improvement in my results. In school, I participated in physical education class in my 9th and 10th-grade year, which allowed me to apply the principles of specificity and progression. Physical education allowed me to get more exercise through workouts and games, which would definitely lead to an improvement in my fitness testing. With school

  • Executive Desk Information About Physical Fitness Test

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    Directors Desk information about physical fitness test study Correctional Officers are an integral part of ADC completing the mission. The selection process used to select Correctional Officer has recently been transformed through the ongoing LEAN process. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the agency has examined the physical fitness selection tool used to assess CO applicants and Cadets ability to perform the job of Correctional Officer. The agency entered into an agreement with a private

  • Military Fitness Tests : One Standard For All

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    Military Fitness Tests: One Standard for All Maintaining a high level of physical fitness is just one of the many facets of military life. It may be the most important aspect to combat survival. This is a reality that the men and women of our Armed Forces live and deal with almost daily. Physical fitness is emphasized through biannual fitness testing conducted in all branches of the military. The Department of Defense (DoD) spent countless dollars studying and developing fitness tests that were

  • Last Fitness Test

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    During my freshman year, finishing my final fitness test, the dreadful pacers; I was able to achieve a 63 on the pacers. One of the track coaches approached me and told me I should join track and field. I was hesitant about joining, but after school I walked into his classroom and took the offer. On the first day of practice, I was extremely out of shape; my legs were jello and every time I ran I was always grasping for air. After I completed the intense practice. I proceeded back into the locker

  • Postural Fitness Tests : A Fitness Screening Tool

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    Postural Fitness Tests: (In Order) 1. FMS (Functional Movement Screening): FMS is a fitness screening tool used to identify movement asymmetric or major limitations in functional movement patterns (Cook, Burton, & Fields, 2016). If athletes have a low movement quality and or muscle imbalances, then it is more likely they are compensating and are at a higher risk of injury. It consists of 7 tests that focus on the basic function, mobility, and stability. The 7 tests include: o Deep Squat  Procedure:

  • Job Related Fitness Test

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    into any public service a standard fitness test must be passed. Each service has different requirements due to the different situations that will arise. Some services may require you to have a better cardiovascular endurance due to stamina being an essential requirement to that service. In the police service the beginning fitness test is called the JRFT (Job Related Fitness Test) and this will assess your cardiovascular endurance. The test that will be used to test your cardiovascular endurance will

  • My Second Fitness Test

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    I feel like I have improved a lot in my second fitness test, compared to the first test. For my twelve minute run, I have gone way higher; before my result was 414and now it is 4.4625. This happened because I have been jogging a lot more, increasing my endurance. I improved in my sit ups, achieving my goal of 40 sit ups that I made after the last test. My work on doing sit ups before bed has helped out, giving me the result I have today. For push ups, I got one more push up than last time. This happened

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fitness Test

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    Within this report I will recommend the stages I believe that should be carried out to allow the fitness test happened safely, and the policies I believe should be put into place while a volunteer carries out these tests. Prior to doing a lab based fitness test there are many stages you are supposed to carry out to ensure all participants are safe and all risks are reduced or eliminated. P1 The first test I urge you to carry out would be to do a risk assessment, this will include finding all the hazards

  • Army Physical Fitness Test

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    The Army Physical Fitness Test is designed to test the muscular strength and cardiovascular respiratory fitness of an individual. you are given a score based on their performance in three events consisting of the push-up, sit-up, and a two-mile run. Possible scores range from 0 to 100 points in each event. A passing score is a total of 180 or higher with a minimum score of 60 in each event. The Push-Up: The push-up exercise measures the strength of the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles.

  • Personal Strengths In The Fitness Test

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    Analysing results performed in the fitness test, my personal strengths are flexibility (sit and reach test) and muscular endurance (sit-up test) and my personal weaknesses are muscular strength (basketball throw) and cardiovascular endurance (beep test). The “sit and reach test” assesses one’s flexibility. Flexibility is an important aspect of health as it is the ability of your joints and body parts being able to perform day-to-day activities such as walking, lifting etc. Flexibility decreases