Flashing light

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Art Museum

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    the wall. There were probably about thousand of each butterfly and moths. They were made of metal it was very unique. There was another special room we got to go in which was called the flashing lights. It was amazing and gorgeous. It was blacked out and it was like a maze in the dark. For a few seconds some lights would flash on and off which made it awesome.       The top three arts that really interested me were the 3D box, the man made out legos and the man on the wall. My first art

  • Flashing Lights, Wailing Sirens, Brutal Force

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    College Essay - Prompt A Flashing lights, wailing sirens, brutal force. People being helped, criminals being stopped, a safer community. Which scenario do you picture when you think of the police? There has been controversy stemming from police officers, and everyone seems to have an opinion about whether or not all cops are racist, or if all cops are murderers. Being raised by a man who’s only known law enforcement his entire life, I have a few opinions of my own. My father has been a police

  • Flashing Lights, Hugs From Strangers, Pounding Of Tables,

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    Flashing lights, hugs from strangers, pounding of tables, and more await those coming into the Deaf Cultural world. After all, how does one communicate with another who cannot hear? From the perspective of one who grew up in the "hearing" world, these cultural norms were anything but normal; yet they have become ingrained, almost second nature. Now these are my norms and are part of my world. My journey into Deaf culture started in elementary school while riding the school bus. A friend of mine named

  • Flicker Vertigo Studies

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    is an important factor to consider for safety, convenience and comfort. One of the main sources of discomfort related to illumination is glare. Glare occurs when the eyes are exposed to a source of light greater than that for which the eyes are adapted. Glare can either occur from the artificial lights inside the train carriages or externally from the sun with complications ranging from mild discomfort and annoyance, to an impediment to vision and reduction in safety (Oborne, 1978). In order to reduce

  • Short Story

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    A sudden shower of sparks cast a warm, golden light into the travel cruiser. Light. The heat reminded him of the summer and as he breathed in the air, rather than the scent of grass and deep earth overturned in the fields, he smelled the sick tinge of clinical metal and filtered air. Rowland opened his eyes to see sparks flying past the single window allowed in the single-occupant models. His arms, still bound by the restraints in the cryo-pod, fought against the metal braces until

  • Art Reflection Of The Art Of 'Electric Dress'

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    or kimono shape, but was not constructed to be an actual piece of clothing. There is a hole at the top of the structure which allows a face to peep through, making it an interactive piece for pictures or for the artist to be a part of. The regular light bulbs flicker, the cathode styled bulbs are painted in many colors of bright neon enamel, and the electrical cords fall to the ground. The installation is a constructed, or assembled sculpture, because it is made up of many different materials and

  • Personal Narrative: Shades Of Black Shower

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    same dull shade of grey. The few folk I pass seem to be colourless too. There’s no life in these hours, just a world of black. Slowly things start to change as the sun rises; all the shades fade away as light starts leaking through the cracks of the city. The drops of rain come into vision as light hits the city, staining the pavement with dark shadows. Leftover raindrops hang from the overhead signs occasionally finding their way down the collars of unsuspecting victims. People start to surround

  • neon Essay

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    that means "new"? Neon is the element that I am most interested in. I chose to do neon because I found out what many uses it has in our daily life. Neon is the element that allows you to watch TV. Without neon we would never see the cool flashing signs outside of diners and bars. In my essay I am going to tell you about neon and its many uses. First, I'm going to tell you about the history and uses of neon. Neon was discovered by Sir William Ramsay, a Scottish chemist, and Morris M. Travers

  • Night Time Tour

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    The beach umbrella, the towels, the chairs, and then the cooler. In the backseat, I watched as my family finished packing the van with the assortment of items we had brought with us to the beach. The van was the family tank, a roaring piece of machinery that somehow seemed to make the passenger feel secure even with the alarming grumbling of the engine. The back of the van was filled and now, on this late summer day, we were taking our leave from the shore. I looked back once more at the sea where

  • The Guilty Blade: A Narrative Fiction

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    painted walls. My cell is a cold, barren, frightening desert at night. These endless walls are the only barriers between me and freedom. As I am staring from the corner of my cell, the pale light is flickering while moths are surrounding it finding the only hope left in the prison. The shade of the dim light gradually enters from the tiny window which reminds me of the last day which I spend with my friends. … As I walked merrily back from my friend’s house, I noticed that heavy traffic covered all