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  • The Problem Of Computer Technology

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    obsolete. The floppy disk, a square-shaped storage device, commonly used in the 1980-90’s, supported one megabyte, which at the time could slide in a few word documents or a primitive game of Tetris. However, in terms of movie editing, the floppy disk would’ve been a nightmare. In arguing the obsolescence of floppy disks three reasons that come to mind are: their storage capacities are tiny, every major consumer based computing company has ceased production of floppies, and there are no floppy drives supported

  • How Speed of a Computer Is Affected by Different Storage Devices

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    devices as the hard disk (aka magnetic disk), floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, tape, and the flash (aka jump drive, USB memory stick, and thumb drive). Storage devices come in two different sources; primary or secondary. Each of these devices causes the computer to process data at different speeds. This paper will show how each of these devices store data and how they affect the speed of the computer. How Speed of a Computer Is Affected By Different Storage Devices The hard disk of a computer

  • The Floppy Drive in a Musical Context Essay

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    1.1 Mechanism of a “musical” floppy drive The floppy drive itself is musical in a certain way depending on what people may perceive as musical such as the sound of friction. In my project, the floppy drive makes sounds through pitched notes due to friction between the read-write head and the diskette. It produces notes since the diskette has contact friction with read write head, in revolution. Recall that sine waves can be viewed as the progression of a circle over time, or a revolution. Spinning

  • Essay on Technology in the Classroom

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    price of $10,600. IBM, also in that year, built SCAMP, one of the world’s first personal computers, now more commonly called PCs (Polsson, 2003). The first floppy disk which was an eight inch plastic disk called a “memory disk” was introduced by IBM in 1967 (Brown, 2003). In 1976 the 5.25 inch floppy disk was produced; another floppy disk, the 3.5 inch, was created in the 1980s (Brown, 2003).

  • Technology and Culture Essay

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    computer would ever start up. I asked the librarian why the computer had a blank, green screen. She looked at me and giggled as she pulled a large floppy disk from her desk. "You need this," she said as she handed me the disk. I looked at her very confused because I had never used a floppy disk in any of my computer projects. She smiled at me and pushed the disk

  • File Sharing And The Internet

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    Floppy disks had shrunk down to their final format which was three and a half inches. “In 1992 floppy disk piracy was so popular that a campaign called ‘Don’t Copy That Floppy’ started” (Smith). The campaign mainly featured little white kids rapping about floppy disks. “The controversy which defined file sharing for this period surrounded one file format - the mp3” (Smith). In the late

  • Technology And Technology

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    Many people have different experiences and ideas with and about computers, dependent on a variety of factors, including age and how far technology had advanced at certain points in their life. Some people are exposed to computers in the form of smart phones from birth, while others were born years before desktop computers even became standard household electronics. Most people are somewhere in the middle of those two. However, I was one of the people who was born prior to household computers and

  • Backup Devices and Strategies Essay

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    what seems like a bargain may be a moneypit in disguise. For example floppy disks are still the cheapest per-unit media at approximately 50 cents each, but on a per-megabyte cost basis (around 35 cents per megabyte), they’re the most costly form of storage. Also on the expensive end of the spectrum are 640 MB, Mag-Optical disks, at about 5.5cents per megabyte, and 1GB Jaz media at 6 to 7 cents per megabyte. Jaz2 and super-floppy media end up costing between 3.5 and 5 cents per megabyte. The best deal

  • Digital Dark Age Essays

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    Some programs made to read digital information no longer run. Nowadays, you rarely find drives that read 8” floppy disks or floppy disks from 2000. If a program that reads a certain type of information-saving device is no longer available, the information on that device may disappear forever. Some family information may be lost, information held sacred by the family members

  • How A Usb Drive Can Be Used For More Than Just Storing Data

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    that include some cool tools like an audio player, games, antivirus utilities and a customizable menu system that is dedicated to your USB drive. 2. Boot an operating system Some of us older geeks remember making thirty copies of a "boot disk" on old 3.5 floppy disks. If you crash your hard