Fluoride therapy

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  • Fluoride Mouth Rinses

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    Focus on Fluorides: Update on the use of Fluoride for the Prevention of Dental Caries This article is based on the negative and positive impacts of fluoride uses. Topics discussed include: updates on community water fluoridation, fluoride available in dentifrices, and fluoride varnish, use and recommendations. Fluoride is the first line of defense, along with education, for preventing caries. Fluoride is the only compound recognized by the FDA for the prevention of dental caries (Carey, 2014). Fluoride

  • How Dental Caries Is A Disease Associated With Social Deprivation

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    Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Method 4 Results 5 Discussion 6 Knowledge/Skills Required 6 Planning/Venue/Length of Event 6 Other Disciplines/Experts Used 7 Size/Age of Group 7 Resources 7 Aim/Objectives 8 Rationale 9 Conclusion 9 Recommendations 10 Bibliography 11 Appendix 1 12 Appendix 2 12 Appendix 3 13 Appendix 4 14 Appendix 5 14 Appendix 6 15 Appendix 7 16 Appendix 8 17 Appendix 9 18 Appendix 10 18 Abstract Improvements in children’s oral health in Scotland, is evident. However, it is clear

  • Healthy Children with Healthy Mouths Essay

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    Oral health in children is a very large and growing concern in the world today. Most children in today’s society do not realize the importance of their oral health, and how it can affect their lives. Even worse some parents do not know how important it is to get their children the dental care and attention they need. However, many parents are asking their children’s dentist some very important questions. First-time parents frequently question what thumb sucking and pacifiers’ can do to their child’s

  • Fluoride Containing Dentifrices And Its Effects On The Western Regions

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    Fluoride containing dentifrices have been used in oral hygiene in the Western regions to prevent caries formation and reduce gingivitis. A particularly vulnerable population to early carries is school aged children. Researchers have been looking for a more effective combination of ingredients to to achieve a faster and more effective way of plaque, gingivitis and carries reduction in school aged children. A four weeks long pilot study was conducted by Cagetti, Strohmenger, Basile, Abati, Mastroberardino

  • The Xylitol Toothpaste Trial For Children

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    with a fluoride toothpaste as opposed to brushing once with the same fluoride toothpaste in a 2003 Cochrane review evaluating the fraction of prevented caries. This suggests that the difference isn’t significant in the type of toothpaste used whether it be fluoride or xylitol but predominately how often high caries risk children brush their teeth. Xylitol toothpaste is less economically feasible, with the cost of the xylitol toothpaste elevated considerably higher than the average fluoride toothpaste

  • Fluoride And Its Effect On The Quality Of Life

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    Fluoride plays an important role in improving overall health amongst the population by reducing the occurrence of dental caries. Dental caries has been shown to have a negative impact on the quality of life, psychological and social aspects of children’s lives. Fluoride is naturally present to some extent in all foods and water. • Water fluoridation Is the adjustment of the natural concentration of fluoride in drinking water to the optimal recommended level for the prevention of dental caries.

  • Community Water Fluoride

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    when Fluoride is put into the water system.” In this context, it is worth noting that dental health remains a major issue for much of the New Zealand population, and that economically and from the equity perspective fluoridation remains the safest and most appropriate approach for promoting dental public health. “ Community water fluoridation is a safe and effective way of preventing tooth decay at a low cost. And fluoride is the top 13th most abundant element created in the earth. Yet fluoride is

  • Water Flow of Flouride

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    is a mineral form of calcium. When intake of fluoride increases, it also increases apatite content, creating white streaks and in more serious cases cause mottling of teeth. In addition, fluoride levels in breast milk are around 0.004mg/L. Therefore, infants who drink baby formula with fluoridated water will be exposed to 300 times more fluoride, increasing the risk of developing dental fluorosis. Skeletal fluorosis is another disease in which fluoride accumulates in the bone for several years. Early

  • Fluoridated Toothpaste Persuasive Essay

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    problem. Though fluoridation of public water sources is supported by major organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), it is abandoned and neglected by citizens who fear its potential side effects. History and Background By ingesting fluoride through the consumption of an everyday necessity, communities are able

  • Severe Dental And Cognitive Deficits

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    Severe dental fluorosis and cognitive deficits Choi et al., (2014) is a pilot study of the association of exposure to fluoride with cognitive function of children in a Chinese community. Although limited it provides more useful information than almost all the studies included in the authors ' earlier review (Choi et al., 2012). Most of the reports considered in that review were very brief with little detail or consideration of confounding factors. Unfortunately political activists use Choi et al