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  • The Paint and Varnishes Industry in India

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    The Paint and Varnishes Industry With a turnover of Rs. 8,970 Crores (FY 12-13), Asia Paints Ltd is India’s largest and Asia’s third largest company. The Company functions in 20 countries and has 28 manufacturing amenities across the world serving customers from almost 65 countries. It kicked off focusing on providing quality products in the economy ranges, but gradually changed its strategy into providing good quality and branded products to the upper end of the decorative paints market, establishing

  • Comparison of Studies: Effects of Fluoride concentration in Drinking Water

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    implementation of artificially introducing fluoride into water, a great amount of resistance has taken place. Many people claim that fluoridating community water sources can cause not only dental fluorosis, but a multitude of adverse systemic conditions. This perception has led to many political battles on the subject. The problems associated with fluoride ingestion tend to present when concentrations are higher that generally accepted. In communities with natural high fluoride concentrations, adverse effects

  • The Negative and Positive Benefits of Fluoride

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    The ingestion of fluoride has been associated to benefits for the teeth. According to some observers in the past, fluoride strengthens the enamel of the teeth making it not so susceptible to cavities. From this hypothesis the fluoridation of water had its start and until today it is believed to be one of the most responsible sources for reducing cavities in the population (Graham & Morin, 1999). In some author’s view the fluoridation of the water implies a significant change and the positive effects

  • Explain What Role Dose Risk Plays In Dentistry

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    water fluoridation is "the controlled addition of fluoride compound to a public water supply to achieve a concentration optimal for dental caries prevention" (Rockville,2000, cited in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015, p.1). Notwithstanding the general perception of community water fluoridation worldwide, which recognizes it as an opportunity, some opponents see it as a hazard. In other word Adding or adjusting the level of fluoride in the public water supply, knowing that everyone

  • Fluoride Water Crisis

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    with drought, flooding, contamination, water rights and even stealing, but the conversation that many people neglect to have is the one about fluoridation. While I find myself disturbed by the fact that most people turn a blind eye to this use of fluorides in our public water systems, I am equally disturbed that municipalities do it at all. Too often we blindly trust that our government has our best interest at the base of their decisions. Not to paint with too wide of a brush, but we all know

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Fluoridation

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    WATER FLUORIDATION: - A high degree of reduction in caries/ tooth decay occur when fluoride content is approximately IPPM (i.e. one part of fluoride to one million part of water), the prevalence of oral fluorosis increase greatly when the concentration of fluoride is more than 1pm. Therefore, the optimal concentration of community fluoridation is 1pm. The very first community water fluoridation was in Grand Rapids in USA in 1945 and these produced a reduction in caries between 40-50% in deciduous

  • The Xylitol Toothpaste Trial For Children

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    with a fluoride toothpaste as opposed to brushing once with the same fluoride toothpaste in a 2003 Cochrane review evaluating the fraction of prevented caries. This suggests that the difference isn’t significant in the type of toothpaste used whether it be fluoride or xylitol but predominately how often high caries risk children brush their teeth. Xylitol toothpaste is less economically feasible, with the cost of the xylitol toothpaste elevated considerably higher than the average fluoride toothpaste

  • A Short Note On Penthrox And Its Effects On The Early Zealand And Australia Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Methoxyflurane or Penthrox is used currently as an inhalational form of analgesia for mild to moderate pain relief for a short time period. It was previously used as an inhalational anaesthetic gas but has since been discontinued. Methoxyflurane is currently being used in the pre-hospital and hospital settings by Australia, New Zealand and more recently the UK. It is commonly called “The green whistle” in New Zealand and Australia. Methoxyflurane was administered through a device called

  • The Replacement And Fortification Of Micronutrients

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    People who consume fortified foods are presumably benefiting from these products rather than a pure source. Governments can mandate or make fortification voluntary, but the manufacturers can do so if they feel they need to. New Zealand’s level of fluoride occurring naturally in water is very low making it unsuitable for protection of your teeth. The fluoridation of water is backed by the Ministry of Health, saying that it is a simple way to prevent tooth decay. All of our country does not fluoridate

  • Fluoride Effects

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    Fluoride is the ionic form of the element fluorine, different in chemical and physical properties. It is most usually used in compounds for industry, however, it can be added to water sources. Few areas in the UK have fluoridated tap water, providing them with key nutrients needed by the body and an efficient method of preventing tooth decay. On the other hand, there has been speculation linking fluoride to certain disorders and diseases which has caused concern within the country. Although Fluoridated