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  • The Tin Flute Analysis

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    Gabrielle Roy’s novel the tin flute takes place in Saint-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec during the Second War World. This novel examines many themes, literary devices and important aspects seen through the perspective of the Lacasse family as they struggle through life in poverty. At the beginning, it is seen that a 19-year-old girl, who works as a waitress at the Five and Ten restaurant named Florentine is the main focus, but the novel revolves around Florentine’s mother, Rose-Anna. Rose-Anna

  • The Magic Flute Analysis

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    the story and the aria responds emotionally to what just happened. The recitative refers to song-speech. It is derived from the Italian verb meaning “to recite” and its purpose is to portray the quality of speech. The no. 4 recitative of The Magic Flute is where we are introduced to the Queen of the Night. The recitative is in the key of B-flat major and continues the Allegro maestoso tempo marking of the entrance music. It starts with a syncopated accompaniment figure which is useful in creating

  • J.S. Bach Flute Sonata in B Minor (Bwv 1030): the Development of the Baroque Flute, the Flautists and the Music

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    J.S. Bach Flute Sonata in B minor (BWV 1030): the development of the Baroque Flute, the flautists and the music Johann Sebastian Bach (J.S. Bach) is no doubt one of the greatest composers of all times. He composed many works for flute including works for solo flute, flute with harpsichord and/or continuo and, two flutes and harpsichord. However, there has been a controversy, over the flute works, whether they were composed solely by the composer, assisted by someone or under the guidance of J.S

  • Magic Flute Analysis

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    Die Zauberflöte, The Magic Flute is composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is a singspiel in two acts. Its German libretto is written by Austrian actor and theatrical producer Emanuel Schikaneder. In early 1791, Mozart was deeply in debt as his music no longer appealed to the Viennese public. Thus Mozart was extremely keen when Emanuel Schikaneder suggested that they work together on a new opera. Schikaneder had arrived in Vienna in 1789. He managed the Theater-auf-der-Wieden, a theatre that specialized

  • Use Of The Flute In Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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    The use of the flute in the play, Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller enhances the work’s meaning and heightens the literature’s level of art. Throughout the play, the flute makes numerous appearances, each time bringing much symbolism to the scene. The flute represents Willy, the protagonist's, memories of his father. As the play begins, flute music plays symbolizing Willy’s overwhelming life as well as his abandonment issues. The flute appears again and portrays Willy’s father’s haunting him

  • The Magic Flute Short Story

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    The Magic Flute is an opera with two acts by W.A. Mozart. The story of this opera begins with a handsome prince, Tamino, is fighting with a serpent. Three ladies attendants of the Queen of Night kill the serpent, save Tamino, and show him the portrait of the daughter of the Queen of Night, princess Pamina. Tamino, instantly falls in love with Pamina. Tamino and the birdcatcher, Papageno, leave to save Pamina, who was captured by Sarastro, the Queen of Night give them a magic flute and a magic bell

  • Loss Of Happiness In The Tin Flute, By Gabrielle Roy

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    opportunity because they do not want it to pass by them and live the rest of their life wondering what if. That is what Florentine was battling with in The Tin Flute. She does not know if she should follow Jean and see the movie with him or let him pass her by. Florentine is almost afraid to say no because she wants this chance at happiness. In “The Tin Flute” by Gabrielle Roy the reader should learn that people can throw everything they have into a chance at happiness because they are afraid of what may happen

  • My Experience At A Music Concert

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    In September, I attended the concert Windfire: Flute and Percussion Spectacular at Rammelkamp Chapel. Paula & John Kasica performed on the flute and percussion with Nancy Shaaf accompanying on the piano. This was my first time attending a live classical music concert. I didn’t know what to expect. My limited experiences with classical music were listening while I studied or using it to fall asleep at night. Honestly, I worried that I might fall asleep during the concert. As it turns out, I had

  • The Status of Women in China As Explained in Two Essays and A Film

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    was a moment in the film when she wished to play her flute, but, upon finding it missing, she immediately began searching for it. As it turned out, the Master had the flute burned because he had suspected that it was from a college boy. He used the flute to keep Songlian in her place because, at the time, women were not supposed to know how to play flutes, a point proven when Songlian had confronted her maid and her maid simply stated, “Flutes can only be played by men” (Raise the Red Lantern). However

  • The Mentor And A Mentee Short Story

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    handful of people came to mind. 2.Out of those handful I realized that I came up with either friends or family members. 3.Even though there is nothing wrong with this I wanted to dig deeper; to think about someone who I might have overlooked. 4.My flute teacher, Mrs. Droste, is a lady of silent integrity and that’s why I decided to choose her. 5.Before you read my three stories I find it necessary to tell you a bit about Mrs. Droste as a person. 6.Not only is Mrs. Droste wise, she is also hilarious