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  • The Microsoft Antitrust Case Essay

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    as the rule of trade” ( The DOJ concentrated on 4 specific violations of the Act, (1) Microsoft engaged in “unlawful exclusive dealings and other exclusionary agreements”, (2) Microsoft engaged in “unlawful tying”, which was the act of Microsoft tying together two products

  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association

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    Since the founding of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in 1906, there has been a principle in place that states that “student-athletes shall be amateurs in an intercollegiate sport, and their participation should be motivated primarily by education and by the physical, mental, and social benefits to be derived… and student-athletes should be protected from exploitation by professional and commercial enterprises” (NCAA, Division 1 Amateurism Deregulation Proposals, 2014). The NCAA has

  • Antitrust Law And The Antitrust Laws

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    ANTITRUST Antitrust law in the United States is a collection of federal and state government laws regulating the conduct and organization of business corporations with the intent to promote fair competition in an open-market economy for the benefit of the public. Congress passed the first antitrust statute, the Sherman Antitrust Act, in 1890 in response to the public outrage toward big business. In 1914, Congress passed two additional antitrust laws: the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton

  • Federal Trade Commission And Dental Examiners

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    Introduction Last February, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission (Dental Examiners). The case concerned the Board’s decision to stop teeth whitening services by non-dentists in the state. The Federal Trade Commission alleged that the Board had violated antitrust laws by attempting to limit competition by its teeth whitening decision. State entities such as the Board generally were thought to have immunity from antitrust

  • The Antitrust Case Against Microsoft Essay

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    The U.S. government charged that Microsoft had violated antitrust law. Microsoft disagreed. Do you agree with the U.S. government, or with Microsoft? In answering this question, you may wish to address two issues. Was Microsoft a monopoly? Did it use its monopoly to compete unfairly against other companies? Commencing in 1990, Microsoft was investigated and then charged with violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act which governs United States businesses. The company was determined to be a monopoly

  • Essay about The History of the Antitrust Laws

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    In the 1800’s there were several businesses known as trusts. These “trusts” owned the entire industry. Railroads, sugar, oil, and steel were some of the major products that were controlled by these trusts. U.S. Steel and Standard Oil were two big companies that were famous for controlling their product and the industry it was a part of. The oil industry was an easy industry to be monopolized because the deposits were rare. The Standard Oil Company was incorporated by John D. Rockefeller in

  • Essay on Major Federal Anti-trusth Laws in the United States

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    The anti-trust laws were set in place to promote vigorous competition but also to protect the consumer from unfair mergers and business practices. The first antitrust law that was passed by Congress is called the Sherman Act and is a “comprehensive charter of economic liberty aimed at preserving free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade” according to . Later in 1914 Congress passed two more laws, one creating the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA) and then the Clayton Act

  • Antitrust Laws And The Federal Branch Of The United States Government

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    The role of antitrust laws has been the subject of numerous publications that have attempted to provide a precise set of reasons and inspirations for their creation. However, there are still many schools of thought on the subject and much debate over the effectiveness and legitimate implementation of these laws. This paper analyzes the three main antitrust laws that the federal branch of the United States government uses to try to restrict monopolies. This paper also looks at antitrust laws in

  • Ftc : The Federal Trade Commission

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    What is the FTC? The FTC stands for Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1914 to help prevent unfair business practices, deception, fair trade practices, and unfair competition. The FTC’s mission is to protect the consumers by enacting laws to ensure that businesses cannot cheat people out of money and keep businesses from being unethical and immoral. The FTC takes complaints about businesses and investigates them for fraud

  • Unfair Competition Of Chicago, Il

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    Keywords: unfair competition in Chicago, IL, related antitrust in Chicago, IL trade secret protection in Chicago, IL, intellectual property lawyer in Chicago, IL Filing Suit for Unfair Competition in Chicago, IL Unfair competition in Chicago, Illinois refers to economic harm caused to an individual or organization due to some sort of deceptive practice. Unfair competition in Chicago, Illinois may refer to acts that are used to confuse consumers, as well as a number of other actions that are inappropriate