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  • The Air Base Of The Plane

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    “Alright, you can turn back now,” the voice crackled over the radio.            “Roger that,” I responded and I turned the jet back towards the Yokosuka air base. I marveled over the miles of land between Tokyo and Yokosuka City. The cherry blossom trees spread like one giant flower beneath me as I approached the air base. Nearing the landing, the plane began to slow down. I pulled up on the yoke of the plane, just barely avoiding a possible nosedive into the asphalt below. The underbelly of the

  • Aviation Development With Jet Propulsion Projects For Aircraft Within The Luftwaffe Essay

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    Through the course of the Second World War, Germany partook in numerous courses of research and development of weapons systems and platforms that were believed that they could help win the war more quickly and later hopefully turn the tide of the war. Of these the more ambitious and advanced attempts without doubt were the projects dubbed as Germany’s Wunderwaffen, or “Wonder Weapons”, by the nation’s Propaganda network. Several of these projects proved instrumental to advancement of many people

  • Essay On The Boston Marathon Bombing

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    “The Boston Marathon bombing terrorist attack that took place a short distance from the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. A pair of homemade bombs detonated in the crowd watching the race, killing 3 people and injuring more than 260” (Boston Marathon Bombing). Many people were hurt, physically or mentally, by this attack. Because of this the bombing lead to the all out lockdown and manhunt in the boston area. The act of terrorism committed by the Tsarnaev brothers will forever

  • The Significance Of Strategic Bombing Of Germany

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    Normandy and the Russians approaching from the East. However, because of the unreliability of bomber commands performance the Nazis managed to quickly control the situation. They ensured that no photographs or news reports were published from the bomb stricken reports meaning that the rest of Germany could only gather information from stories and tales. On top of this only a small part of Germany was bombed as the allied forces simply did not have the technology to reach the majority of the Reich

  • Robots And Robotics

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    soldiers on the battlefield: robots. These metal bodies are not the only elements that will potentially become part of the military; advanced bombs and flying drones are also working their way into the picture. Why would the military want to take these steps towards a futuristic and metallic future? Exponential advances in technology such as robots, bombs and drones, could significantly decrease and even eliminate soldiers involved in direct combat, resulting in improved health and military costs

  • Peenemunde Research Paper

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    beginning of the V-Weapons program, and have been around in one way or another for over 70 years, indeed the advent of modern missile technology has changed the face of modern warfare and politics, and coupled with the advent of the two-stage hydrogen bomb, they have now brought humanity the closest to another World-War. Ballistic missile development, proliferation, and usage have had one of the largest and most profound impacts on modern warfare and international politics. On the cold and misty morning

  • Louis Zamperini Research Papers

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    world war two pilot. His plane was a b-24 liberator “the super man” it was a very buggy plane ;the bomb hatch door wouldn't always close and the engines were so sensitive that if a leaf went in the engine it would explode. One of the men would call it a flying coffin. As cramped as it was it had a nose gunner, a ball turret gunner on the bottom , a tail gunner, two waist gunners on each side and a bomb bay in the middle. Malfunctions were the worst enemy of the b-24’s. The super man had recorded some

  • Essay on Intelligence Analysis

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    If you had that one piece of the puzzle that would have prevented the bombings of the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon on September 11 2001 would you know it? If you saw someone do something weird or suspicious before the attack on September 11 2001, would you have called the police? If someone had walked into a United States Embassy in a foreign country and said that they know someone was going to use a plane to destroy New York in two days, could this have stopped the attack? Intelligence

  • Analysis Of The Book Thief

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    unfortunate bombing, readers understand the hardships and threats that people during World War 2 would have faced. The people living during that time period always had to be aware of their surroundings because they’d never know when a bomb would hit them! If people are hit by bombs, their lives would be gone before they had time to appreciate anything in it. One theme of The Book Thief is that you should value everything in life because you never know when it could get taken away from you. The Book Thief

  • Army Duty

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    The enemies are going to be alerted at this point that they are being attacked because of the bombs that have been exploded. They will use villagers as human shields to protect themselves against possible gunfire, which makes it difficult to save the villagers unharmed. Our movements around the school need to be quiet and unrecognizable. We know