Force field

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  • A Field Of Forces Within The Field

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    different players, with diverse –even opposite- interests, forces, and strategies struggling to dominate what Bourdieu had called the field. Bourdieu defines it as “a field of forces within which the agents occupy positions that statistically determine the positions they take with respect to the field, these positions-taking being aimed either at conserving or transforming the structure of relations of forces that is constitutive of the field… it is the site of actions and reactions performed by social

  • Mr. Jacks: A Narrative Fiction

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    Just a few hours ago, Kate would have never thought she could escape the force field. That sounded like a crazy dream, but now she was free and so was Mr. Jacks and Darby. They were in the outskirts of Philadelphia and it looked like a normal suburban neighborhood. Though it was obvious that no one had been in these houses for a while. They must have disappeared… Kate thought to herself. There was no sign of human life still being here. Mr. Jacks smiled warmly at Kate, “Good job finding out how

  • Red Rooms: A Narrative Fiction

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    them everything, the force fields, the lack of space and food and even the escape. Kate assumed they were trying to catch them in a lie just in case. After concluding that their stories were straight, the police told Kate and Mr. Jacks to lead them to the entrance of the force field. When they got their about 15 different officers tried to enter with giant mirrors ready to save all the others but the force field just wouldn’t let them in. Mr. Jacks and Kate went in the force field for about 5 seconds

  • K Un-Lun: A Narrative Fiction

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    Aiko stood shivering in the cold. She was leaning on a wall in the dark cave. Danny was nearby meditating. "Danny," Aiko said. They had been waiting for days now. "Yes?" "I don't want this to happen. It's making me sick." Aiko said quietly looking up to Danny. Danny looked up at Aiko sadly. "We don't have a choice. We are going to have to fight Kai. And we need to win." "But why would Kai attack K'un-Lun?" Aiko asked as she sat down next to Danny. "Maybe it's not really him. Maybe he is being

  • Creative Writing: Star Scepter

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    Standing on the corner of Glen Avenue, Kate felt that she was quite alone in a sense. The universe and time stood static. As she took in the frightening implications of Mr. Jacks disappearing into thin air, his seasoned bulldog was attempting to detect any remaining scent of his missing owner. Yet to no avail, giving up, he sidled up to Kate and lay down at Her feet. Thankfully, uncle Thomas kept his word that he would come quickly. Kate felt relief as he pulled up to the corner in his environmentally

  • Mr Jacks Narrative

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    Now that Kate was on the outskirts of the airport hanger and away from the strange glowing force field, still visible in the distance. The situation felt surreal, and Kate wondered if this was just a dream. Presently, she was cognizant that there was something foreign in the brisk early morning air, glittering like snow, feeling like sand as the tiny flecks dusted her skin. The bulldog nudging and licking Kate's hand forced reality back. In her peripheral, Kate observed Mr.Jacks emerge from the

  • Force Field Analysis

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    In creating a force field analysis, I first had to look at the presenting problem of what I plan to change within my agency. For my field practice assignment, I am working in conjunction with my supervisor (Assistant Director) and the Director of the program on implementing changes to the provider’s contract. There are many policies and procedures that are being violated on the provider’s end of the contract that are in turn causing violations with the Department of Health and A.C.D. (Agency for

  • The Force Field Analysis

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    psychology is the scientific field that explores the nature and effects of human behaviour in social settings (Fiske, 2014). Social psychologists recognize various factors that lead individuals to behave in a certain way in the presence of others and circumstances under which particular behaviour, feelings, thoughts and beliefs occur. According to Fiske (2004), social psychology field has an indebtedness for the importance of context and the impact of situationism to the field as a whole. Also, the evolution

  • Lewin's Force Field Analysis

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    Lewin’s Force Field Analysis Force Field Analysis is a model which shows a current level of a business in which it is affected by driving forces which are positive and encourages development of a plan and also restraining forces which are negative and hinder the development of a plan. In other words, to ensure that a decision is well made, the positivity of the driving forces has to exceed the negativity of the restraining forces. [pic] * Driving forces means forces that are positive

  • Force Field Analysis Paper

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    students’ needs, teachers can identify factors that promote the students achievement and factors that prevent students from performing and reaching the standards. This force field analysis will identify the areas my students are struggling in physical education, the desire change, the factors that are driving and restraining the forces, and ways these barriers are restraining the students’ achievement. After reviewing the data from the fitnessgram state test, the students need to improve their fitness