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  • Former Prisons: Former Inmates As Former Citizens

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    former inmates as ‘returning citizens’. Regrettably, according to Harrell, he was treated with more disrespect being in a half-way house for six months than we was during his 19 years of incarceration. “We realize we can't do everything that needs to be done for everybody who comes through our doors," he acknowledges. "We try to create a family type of culture." Once stamped as a criminal, it is hard to integrate back into the society due to the myriad obstacles faced by these ex-inmates. As seen

  • Former Mental Patients

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    Former mental patients must reach out and find a proper support system to help them remain on their medication and sane. A study preformed in Tokyo by Kido, Yoshifumi; Kawakami, Norito; Miyamoto, Yuki; Chiba, Rie; Tsuchiya, Masao (2013) showed that former patients that reside in more tight knit, willing-to-help communities will find the transition less threatening because of their expectations of receiving help from their neighbors. Yoshifumi, Norito, Yuki, Rie, and Masao (2013) also reported, “People

  • Being A Former Marine

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    As a former Marine, I emerged from the military instilled with a strict sense of discipline and a numerous amount of unique set of skills that was taught. These skills enable me and other service members or veterans to be ready at a minute’s notice; to know our surroundings, to survive in an emergency, and to protect those around us, because at any given moment the circumstances may turn for the worse. It’s taught and embedded to respect our superiors and elders, and to perform what’s asked without

  • The, The Former Capital Of China

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    Nanjing is the former capital of China. During this time, Japan was attempting to take over the entire nation of China. Japan had developed a plan to take over all of China in a span of just three months, starting with the invasion of Beijing. What the Japanese weren’t expecting was for China to put down a fight. With frustration arising and their plan falling apart, the Japanese decided to take over China’s capital, Nanjing. During the Battle of Shangai, Japanese army forces proved their dominance

  • Former Foster Youth Essay

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    pressing issues facing foster youth in America is employment following emancipation. Former foster youth face many challenges in becoming self-sufficient adults due to the lack of a support system that a traditional family would provide for their children. There is an insufficient safety net for a particularly vulnerable group and the statistics reflect poor care for this demographic. By age 24, roughly half of all former foster youth are unemployed; those who are employed earn a median income of $7,500

  • Employment For Former Prisoners Essay

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    Former prisoners face larger barriers because US current policies are preventing or decreasing their chance of obtaining certain jobs that will dominate the market in the next twenty years. “According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly every person in jail, and 95 percent of state prison inmates, will someday be released; however, about 68% may return to prison” (goodwill). Former incarcerated individuals are often ineligible to obtain any financial assistance that will allow them to enroll

  • Former President Research Paper

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    adults who have never voted before is to become more informed. Doing so we can see what traits and common values we liked from former Commander in Chiefs and see what candidates from this election also have similar qualities that agree with our beliefs. Doing research on candidates is the only proper way to be a well-rounded, educated voter in November; below are three former presidents that I believe share the most common values a President should have.

  • Summary: Former Boxer Football

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    Football – Head Coach Keith Buckley announced the hiring of former Boxer football standouts Jeff Bajema (Burlington, Wash.) and Jack Perez (Petaluma, Calif.) as assistant coaches. Both earned numerous honors during their careers at Pacific including first team all-Northwest Conference on multiple occasions including the 2016 season. Plus, both were named to the National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor Society for their efforts in the classroom. "Jack and Jeff will go down as two of the best at

  • Annals Of A Former World Essay

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    1. Annals of a Former World, by John McPhee In patient, lyrical prose, McPhee takes the reader on a geologic journey through the United States. This volume was originally published as 4 books; each is centered on a road trip the author took with a geologist, observing the earth next to Eisenhower's great US highways for clues into its geologic past. Annals has this--no borders, idealistic, On the Road for geologists kind of feel (though a bit more grown-up.) I pick up Annals every once in a while

  • Walt Kowalski: A Former Soldier

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    Walt Kowalski As a former soldier that promptly follows the saying “Shoot first, ask questions later”, we introduce you to Walt Kowalski, a stubborn curmudgeon that was on the front lines in the Korean War throughout the 1950’s. Walt led a compelling life, after being assigned in the Korean War — representing the U.S and aiding South Korea. Walt acquired a medal for being the sole survivor of a critical ambush attack on enemy nests. Although the Korean War is still in effect, the immediate conflict