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  • Case Study: Walter Resides In Fort Bend County

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    A guardianship action’s proper venue is the county in which the ward, Walter, resides. Harry and Wanda are residents of Fort Bend County, Texas. Walter is their 13-year old son. Walter resides in Fort Bend County; therefore, the action should be filed there. Question 2 There are many factors the court should contemplate before determining the guardian of Walter and his estate. The court will recognize that both parents are deceased and the guardian will most likely be the nearest ascendant in the

  • My Salary Analysis

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    The common low that I would start out with is forty-two dollars an hour and $89,320 a year. The highest I would be paid is seventy-two dollars an hour and $150,550 a year. The average pay for a pharmacist is fifty-eight dollars an hour and $120,950 a year. Whether I am at the lowest, highest or average. I will still make enough yearly to maintain a comfortable standard of living. I will choose to stay around the Sugar Land, Houston area once I graduate. Compared to other cities, the annual salary

  • Working As A Juvenile Supervision Officer For The Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department

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    Working as a Juvenile Supervision Officer for the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department, I come in contact with a lot of juvenile offenders. What I have notice during my tenure is that the majority of the juveniles I see are minorities, African- American, Hispanic and Asian young men and women. According to The Sentencing Project, “In 2010, African Americans comprised 17 percent of all juveniles, but 31 percent of all arrests.” Do juveniles of color commit crimes and come in contact with

  • Guardianship Force Case Study

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    action? Explain fully. The issue at hand is which venue is proper for the guardianship action. Under Texas Probate Code, the proper venue for guardianship action will be in the county were ward resides. In our case, Walter resides in Fort Bend County, Texas. Therefore, a guardianship action must be filed in Fort Bend County. 2. What factors will the Court consider in deciding guardianship of Walter and his estate, and how should the Court rule? Explain fully. The issue here is what factors are

  • New Recycling Curb Side Service

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    their own service. For your subdivision’s pickup days, please review your WCA solid waste and recycle zone fliers or contact the company’s Missouri City Customer Service Center at 281.403.5800. Household Hazardous Materials & Electronics The Fort Bend County Recycling Center accepts glass, scrap metal, paper, plastics, antifreeze, car/truck batteries, oil filters, used motor oil, cooking oil and rechargeable batteries free of charge. Electronics, pesticides, paints, bulbs

  • Social Responsibility within the Community

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    Social Responsibility within the Community Water conservation has become a socially responsible effort which is gaining momentum in the community in which I live. Though slow to get rolling, as awareness rises in the community, so do the individual actions. Each small action that an individual takes to conserve water contributes to the overall community effort. The use of water within the community has been steadily decreasing as awareness increases. Through this concerted effort, the community

  • First Seminole War Essay

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    S. army, he was the one who ordered Fort Jackson to be burned and destroyed.

  • The Physical State Of Texas : The Physical State Of Texas

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    The Physical State of Texas Extreme Weather Records Weather Event History Rainfall First Freeze Last Freeze Weather Data by County Major Rivers Lakes and Reservoirs Extending from sea level at the Gulf of Mexico to over 8,000 feet in the Guadalupe Mountains of far West Texas and from the semitropical Lower Rio Grande Valley to the High Plains of the Panhandle, Texas has a natural environment best described as "varied." Below is a summary of the size, the boundaries, the highs and the lows of the

  • Southwest Houston Police Department Case Study

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    Station at 13099 Nitida St. After the police station is completed in October 2017, the 50,000-square-feet facility will allow HPD to better serve a patrol area that includes Meyerland, South Braeswood, Reliant Park and parts of Houston located in Fort Bend County. The new Southwest Police Station will be replacing the current station on Beechnut. The $18.5 facility will include a helicopter pad as well as a Fleet Management Department facility that will service police vehicles. The new facility is at

  • Argumentative Essay: The Relocation Of The Missouri City Campus

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    "The fact that our campus there was flat in enrollment was an indicator of problems with access," said Houston Community College Chancellor Cesar Maldonado. Fort Bend County is the fourth fastest growing county in the U.S., yet the Missouri City campus in Sienna Plantation hasn’t grown with it. The new campus being built off Texas Parkway will be a far more visible location. The chancellor stated that by all indications there is still a demand for a campus in that area, and that "the relocation