Fort Mackinac

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  • Descriptive Essay About A Hotel

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    As we cross the monstrous Mackinac Bridge that disappears into the fog behind us, my grandma Kathy glances into the back seat of my grandparents 2008 Pontiac and tells my cousin Zach and I, “Pack up your devices; we are almost to the boat.” We arrive at the dock and board a two level white Star Line ferry that will take us to Mackinac Island, out of sight. I slide into a window seat in order to see Lake Michigan, and avoid boredom from having to place my iPhone 5 in my pocket. The island comes into

  • Mackinac Bridge Research Paper

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    The Mackinac Bridge’s suspension cables contain 12,580 individual cables and are 24.5 inches wide. They contain over 45,000 miles of cable, which is enough to circle the whole earth at the equator almost 2 times (Gringhuis, 25). The amount of cable isn’t the only factor that makes the construction and completion of the bridge a dream come true for the people living near the Straits of Mackinac. It meant that from then on, there would be an easy and fairly quick way to get back and forth from both

  • My Most Memorable Experience

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    When we could get everyone rounded up and on the same schedule, my parents, brothers and I would pack up and go on our one “big” vacation of the summer. When I was8 one, we went to Mount Rushmore and witnessed the fireworks display. At the age of two, we were at the “grandaddy” of them all, Cheyenne Frontier Days. In 2003, I was three, we went spelunking in caves to explore Ruby Fall, Tennesse. I remember nothing about these vacations, except what I was told years later about them. However, when

  • Narrows Bridge Failure

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    Executive Summary The report debates the Tacoma narrows bridge failure and the different theories of how it came about, using information about what type of bridge it is and the forces acting on it before and during the collapse. It also discusses ways in which the failure could have been avoided, from changes in the design to modifications to the bridge after its construction. (Blaschke 2015) Introduction Tacoma Narrows Bridge was opened to the public on July 1st 1940 after being in construction

  • Essay The State of Michigan

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    financially impossible by the PWA (Shaul 24). The Mackinac Bridge Authority was dissolved entirely in in 1947 in light of World War II, but was re-opened to discussion in 1951 with very different plans on financing the bridge (Brown 8-9). After multiple appeals to the state and federal governments for funding to construct the bridge, the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) worked for the next two years to determine the economic costs of building the Mackinac Bridge. In 1952, they produced a figure of 76

  • The River Bank At My Uncle 's Camp

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    water, we would not have the unique land structures that exist today. I was born and raised right here in the beautiful state of Michigan. Michigan is a unique place because it is two separate peninsulas connected by a bridge and separated by the Mackinac Straits. In short, us Michigan natives have grown up surrounded by water. Michigan has about 58,000 sq. miles of land and 38,000 miles of water. The majority of the water that makes up Michigan is formed from the Great Lakes: No point in Michigan

  • The Tarrant County Courthouse : A Beautiful Structure Full Of Historical Importance

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    The Tarrant County Courthouse is a beautiful structure full of historical importance that deserves to be treasured. Tarrant County is the story of Indian battles, cattle drives, gunfights, and plantations. Railroads and high-tech assembly lines all happened here. The mission of Tarrant County Historical Commission is to “ensure that the story is saved, and savored for generations to come.” The commission meets regularly six times a year. Commissioners court, appoints two year terms. Commissioners

  • Dallas, Texas On The Trinity River

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    The city that I have chosen for my report is Dallas, Texas. Dallas is located in north central Texas on the Trinity River. I have chosen this city because I am from the north Texas area and will hopefully have a great job waiting for me in the Dallas area one day. I am also a huge Dallas sports fan, and I can’t wait until the new season starts. Many interesting things have happened in Dallas over the life of the city. Some famous TV shows were filmed in Dallas, Texas like Prison Break and Dallas

  • How Military Recruitment And Skilled People Join The Armed Forces

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    In 2014, according to the Global Terrorism Database managed by the University of Maryland, there were 16,818 terroristic incidents reported worldwide. This attributes for roughly 12% of the terrorism accounted for in this database between 1970 and 2014. Consequently, with all this global unrest, there is a need for military recruitment and skilled people to join the armed forces. Recruitment involves much consideration including choosing a branch, entrance requirements, testing, and evaluation.

  • Investigation Of A Criminal Investigator Essay

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    victims. They respond to crime scenes to detect, preserve, document, impound and collect physical evidence. 1 This report will give details about the Jeffery R. MacDonald triple murder case, which took place in officer’s quarters at U.S. Army base Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on Tuesday February 17, 1970. I will explain what happened, how it happened and what investigators found. If I were investigating the case, my experience would lead me to follow the guidelines of a criminal investigator.