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  • Analysis Of The Indiana Pacers

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    It still feels like the dust is settling from a venturesome off-season for the Indiana Pacers. Rebuilding is never an easy task, especially when you’re basically forced to and have to trade your best player who isn’t exactly content. You add in the factor that anyone who traded for Paul George, knew it’s basically a one-year rental. For that reason, Indiana didn’t receive what many people perceive as equal value in the trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder for Paul George. The Pacers received forward

  • Fort Wayne Descriptive Writing

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    I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. A small city where people have been tricked into thinking it's big. A city that is full of close minded people that have grown up and lived in the same place for generations on end. Growing up here has it's ups and downs. It's not just the city though, it's the people. There is people that have never left and think they know everything. The worst part is they are deluded into thinking that way. They actually think the negative mind set they have is correct. For whatever

  • The Downtown Renovation Of Fort Wayne

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    downtown renovations in Fort Wayne. This caught my attention because the commercial did not go into detail about what exactly the renovations will look like. It made me curious as to what aspects of downtown will be changed, how they will go about renovating, and the timeframe and budget involved with these renovations. What do you know about this topic that makes it relevant to you? I have lived near Fort Wayne for most of my life, and just recently moved into Fort Wayne. Over the last year I have