Fossil fuel

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  • Throughout The Course Of The Years, The World Has Been

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    Throughout the course of the years, the world has been greatly affected by many detrimental factors. Many of these detrimental factors include fossil fuels and pollution are having a negative impact on our planet. Luckily, engineers have developed new and innovative technology that can potentially help lessen pollution and other detrimental factors. Green technology has the immense potential to generate a new method to help produce a less toxic environment ( What Is Green Technology ). Our world

  • Analysis Of Renewables Or Bust And Its Effects On Our Health And Environment?

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    (Christensen, 482). The prevalence of fossil fuel use in our world is a primary cause of these hazy conditions as well as increased pollutants in the environment which has leads to increased illnesses in humans (Fischetti). The prevalent usage of these types of fuels are the leading cause of many environmental and economical

  • Argumentative Essay On Renewable Energy

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    Renewability For nearly everyone on earth, fossil fuels are a part of our daily lives. Some of the more obvious places to find petroleum products would be gas and diesel in cars and trucks, but it is in more than just your tank. Without fossil fuels, we would not have things such as plastic to make a wide variety of things such as tires, kayaks, or even computers. The question remains, do we need fossil fuels? In this day and age, we have new energy sources that could be used to power our homes

  • Climate Change And Its Effect On The Ecosystem

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    Climate change is an issue that is occurring not only in Canada, but all over the world. Climate change has been caused by natural reasons, but due to human activities, it has quickened the process of climate change. Burning of fossil fuels and cutting down trees increases the amount of carbon being emitted, which would be trapped in the ozone. From 1948 to 2013, Canada’s average temperature has increased by 1.6°C. This increase of the average temperature has changed the temperature during winter

  • Renewable Energy Resources

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    The fact that 86% of our energy comes from nonrenewable, polluting, costly fossil fuels and only 14% is renewable is diabolical. Why must we harm our environment to contribute to our energy production when renewable energy sources are so abundantly present so that we may be symbiotic with nature? To lessen our environmental impact and be able to avoid the high expenses of non-renewable fossil fuels in the near future it should be obvious that we start to use more renewable energy sources than we

  • Electric Cars Disadvantages

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    dangerous gases that are emitted by fuel based cars. The use of electric cars also has numerous health benefits to the public as some of the gases that are realized by fuel based cars are feared to be dangerous to the human health. Wolf, Ingo et al, also explains that electric cars are economical in the long run as the cost of electricity is low than the fuel and gas prices that changes with time (269) . Due to the ease of optimizing electric cars in comparison to fuel cars, the cars are also considered

  • Alternative Energy : Empowering Change Essay

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    use of fossil fuels is the most critical concern facing the world today. These sources of energy are not only highly controversial but also, the idea of the destruction and immense change that these natural resources can inflict on our sensitive climate leaves a distinct trepidation in the hearts of many. As the population of Earth continues to grow day after day, so does the demand for energy. Nearly three decades ago, it was hard to imagine what sources of energy could replace fossil fuels, however;

  • Using Green Energy to Help with Global Warming Essay

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    hydrogen are secondary energy sources. (English Online)Based on the graph below, we can lower the lifecycle of greenhouse gases and stop pollution that causes global warming (Union of Concerend Scientists).Graph: (IPCC) By shifting from coal and fossil fuels to green energy, we will save energy, and our coal

  • The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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    Logan Russell Inquiry #3 As the world’s reserves of fossil fuels are diminishing, the debate on alternate energy is growing more than ever. The debate boils down to which source, or sources, of energy should be used instead burning fossil fuels. These alternative solutions include hydropower, solar energy, nuclear energy, and many more. Nuclear energy would be the best replacement to fossil fuels in first world nations. Nuclear energy is created in reactors located in nuclear power plants. In these

  • Yucca Mountain: A Political Analysis

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    Nuclear power is an alternative source of energy that has been gaining ground as an alternate for fossil fuel. This creation of power, like other forms, has negative impacts in the form of waste it produces. This waste is nuclear adding an increased danger in its disposal. The threat and benefits of nuclear power has allowed it to become a topic of political discussion, the reason being a proposed waste sight in the Yucca Mountains. This controversy is difficult because it has two sides that contradict