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    Humans like to speak our minds. And the language in which we speak is unique, when compared to the communication between animals. Human language is a complex communication system consisting of the creation, acquisition, and development of sound patterns using complex motor control. Though how is it that we can do this? What makes humans so different from other animals, even those genetically close to us such as Neanderthals, that we are able to speak and comprehend complex syntax. Turns out, the

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    pCD. The clinical, serologic and genetic models were studied individually as well as in combination to identify the model with the highest AUC. RESULTS Baseline Characteristics One thousand seven hundred and twenty one CD patients were identified with mean disease duration of 10.2 years (range, 4 months – 51.5 years). Nine hundred and twenty six (53.8%) patients were male (Table. 1). A majority of patients were Caucasian (93.1%) and 39% of the Caucasian patients were Jewish. Perianal Crohn’s disease

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