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  • Speech On Fractals

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    logical if we go with the fundamentals .Okay? Let me tell you first about “Fractal”, A fractal is a natural phenomenon (make a note of that because it appears that by creating fractals in nature such as “Lightning bolts, “Heartbeats “,”DNA”, universe is doing its own mathematical calculations). or A fractal is a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every

  • Fractals: Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon

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    My infatuation in fractals began freshmen year at Greeley after taking a Seminar with one of the seniors. I’m not sure exactly when simple interest turned to a kind of obsession, but during that lesson something seemed to click. It seemed as if this was the universe’s answer to everything; the mystery was solved, however complex the answer was to understand. I’m still not sure if I was misunderstanding the lesson, or if I had somehow seen it for what it really was; a pattern to describe the way the

  • Essay about The Application Of Fractal Geometry To Ecology

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    The Application of Fractal Geometry to Ecology Abstract New insights into the natural world are just a few of the results from the use of fractal geometry. Examples from population and landscape ecology are used to illustrate the usefulness of fractal geometry to the field of ecology. The advent of the computer age played an important role in the development and acceptance of fractal geometry as a valid new discipline. New insights gained from the application of fractal geometry to ecology

  • Modeling Of Fractal Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network

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    1. Title:- Modeling of fractal antenna using Artificial Neural Network. 2.Introduction:- In high-performance spacecraft, aircraft, missile and satellite applications, where size, weight, cost, performance, ease of installation, and aerodynamic profile are constraints, low profile antennas may be required. Presently, there are many other government and commercial applications, such as mobile radio and wireless communications that have similar specifications. To meet these requirements, micro strip

  • Role Of Fractal Geometry Of Indian Hindu Temple Architecture

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    Role of Fractal Geometry in Indian Hindu Temple Architecture Dhrubajyoti Sardar M.Arch Scholar, Architecture & Planning Department Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India E-mail: S. Y. Kulkarni Professor & Former Head Architecture & Planning Department, IIT Roorkee Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India E-mail: Abstract— The self-similar recursive geometry is known as Fractal. Hindu Philosophy describes the cosmos as holonomic

  • The Methods For Uploading Digital Images Using Fractal Image Compression

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    Fractals are a remarkable family of shapes which are ubiquitous within the natural world yet were virtually overlooked by mathematicians until late 19th century, and only became properly acknowledged thanks to the remarkable insights of Mandelbrot in the 1970s. In this paper I introduce and define fractals as well as two methods to produce them: the photocopier method and chaos game. In order to aid in this I have produced a demonstration web application (hosted at which uses the

  • Calculus Program Entry Essay

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    There is a metaphor about math education which posits that doing math is like painting, and yet most students focus on whitewashing fences rather than examining pieces by the great masters of art. Up until taking calculus in high school, my thoughts about math rarely strayed beyond fence painting. However, I was lucky enough to get a passionate high-school calculus teacher who made it a goal to introduce us to Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and the like. From such introductions I began to build my own

  • Nanotechnology Personal Statement

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    “RESEARCHING CANCER “ Since I have been always interested in science and technology, I read many books about these topics. Futhermore, I often do some easy experiments with light, chemicals in my free time. However, until 10th grade, I never had the opportunity to contribute to medical research—something that I had always wanted to do. Then one day, I was announced that there would be a science competition for high school students in Ho Chi Minh City. I once decided to take part in. I spent a

  • Chaos and Literary Comparison Essay example

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    Chaos and Literary Comparison     Abstract: I will show how chaos is can be found in art, specifically in literature, and analyze John Hawkes's Travesty to show the similarities between literature and chaos.   John Hawkes describes the "artistic challenge" as conceiving the inconceivable. In accordance with that thought, Wallace Stevens says, "Imagination is the power that enables us to perceive the normal in the abnormal." It is arguable that chaos, deterministic disorder, is both

  • The Sierpinski Triangle Essay

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    The Sierpinski Triangle Deep within the realm of fractal math lies a fascinating triangle filled with unique properties and intriguing patterns. This is the Sierpinski Triangle, a fractal of triangles with an area of zero and an infinitely long perimeter. There are many ways to create this triangle and many areas of study in which it appears. Named after the Polish mathematician, Waclaw Sierpinski, the Sierpinski Triangle has been the topic of much study since Sierpinski first discovered it in