Francisco Vázquez de Coronado

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    known for being the “black Arab from Azamour””(Geographicus Antique Map 2). It is not told how this expedition had ended; making it the second attempt of looking for the City of Gold. The third attempt was guided by Friar de Niza, who was forced to guide. Not only was Friar de Niza called to lead, but also Estebanico had to guide. This would make Estebanico’s second trip in the search for Cibola. Their expedition “started north of Mexico [in] the present-day states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas,

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    Yet again Coronado leaves empty handed. In this doomed exposition, he is denied alliances, denied gold, and denied meaningful expansion of the Spanish Empire. Coronado returns to the New Mexico area empty handed only to be injured in a riding accident (“Coronado 's Journey Through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas,”). This is the catalyst that sends him packing for home. At home he is met with angry backers, who along with Coronado, has lost a fortune backing the failed

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