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  • The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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    The Holocaust has a history of disgrace and torture, a period of time where people had forgotten the meaning of humanity, but among those who had fallen into darkness and only sought for evilness there were some who refused to let themselves be engulfed into it and did all they could to save as many people as possible. Those were people who risked their lives in an act of courage to help and free the people affected by the Holocaust.     During the horror that the Holocaust was just a few dared to

  • The Holocaust: Father Kolbe Of The Holocaust

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    died on March 13, 1995 at Brzeg Poland at 95 years old. That is a total of 53 years after Kolbe saved him. The man moved back to his wife after he was released. His two sons were killed during the war. Every year Gajowniczek went back to Auschwitz on August 14th. For five decades Gajowniczek repeated this act to honor Kolbe for dying for him for suffering for him that day. ( A Polish prisoner, who was in charge of serving prisoners, Bruno Borowiec, gave a report of what he saw in

  • Who Is Maximilian Kolbe?

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    If you someone you knew had been selected to die and you could take his or her place would you? This is exactly what Maximilian Kolbe did. Maximilian Kolbe was born on January 8th 1894. His original name was Rajmund Kolbe. He was born in Zduńska Wola which at the time was part of the Russian Empire. He had four brothers Francis, Joseph, Walenty, who died at age one, and Andrew, who died at age four. His father worked in a mill and his mother ran a small store with groceries and household items.

  • Maria Kolbe Research Paper

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    Early life of Saint Maximilian Kolbe Maria Kolbe was born on January 8, 1894 in the kingdom of Poland, part of the Russian Empire. Saint Maximilian was baptized in the parish church called ''The Assumption Of The Virgin Mary'' in the Wloclawek diocese. His family was very poor, but he always kept a happy heart, even during the hardest times. His father, Juliusz Kolbe, was German and his mother, Maria Dabrowska, was Polish. His parents were always hardworking and religious, and they made sure to teach

  • St. Luke and Discipleship Essay

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    St. Luke and Discipleship I have already previously defined the meaning of a disciple. So we know a disciple is a follower of someone. There are two different disciples, one is a follower of someone religious such as Jesus and the other is a follower of someone with an inspiring talent like a singer. I have also described biblical examples of Jesus' call to his first disciples. From this we learnt about the importance of trust and priority (that the Lord is the most