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  • Cirque Du Freak Is A Fantasy Book By Darren

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    The Book Cirque du Freak is a Fantasy book by Darren Shan. In this book, the characters Darren and Steve end up at a freak show. At the show, a lot of really weird things happen. Then, the director of the show, Mr. Creepsly’s poisonous spider bites Steve and the only way Steve can survive is if Darren becomes a vampire and saves him. Darren in the book Cirque Du Freak, is clearly an archetypal hero by saving Steve. Darren saves Steve by becoming a Vampire. This can be proven by the Initiating

  • The Day Of An Ox Essay

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    "Ian," my father 's deep voice shouted out across the steppe. "I need you over here." I couldn 't run through all the various animals we had, so I sprinted around the menagerie. Half way across, I heard the laborious bay of an ox. It 's probably giving birth, I thought to myself. Just as I rounded the herd, I saw my father and cousin, who was more a like another brother, besides what it looked to be an ox giving birth. Who knew, right? As I walked over to the scene, my dad waved me over impatiently

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    tight and trap him in a war between himself. It only got worse as the months flew by. Just last month he was able to go out and get a gallon of milk for the house, and a month before he went out for lunch with some old family friends. But he had freaked out in the car on the way home, and he had pretended to fall ill in order to excuse himself early, so maybe he hadn’t changed so much after all. He continued staring towards the trees, peering into the great unknown that he longed to explore. His

  • Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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    It was 12 o'clock at night and for the first time it was quiet, other than police sirens and cars honking at each other it was quiet. I was trying to go to sleep but I couldn’t. So I headed downstairs and grabbed a warm glass of milk to help me sleep. That didn’t do any good so I just went to my computer to see what my friends were doing. (if they were online) So I opened up skype and began to call my friends. Surprisingly they were online. There was me summer who had had really good grades and

  • Short Story

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    that, i would do it for a bit and start to freak them out a little. When they start to get freaked out, i would start and put dolls in a box and put it on their porch and knock on the door and wait till they take it inside. When they take it inside and open i would make one of the dolls jump out of the box on the floor so it looks like it came and tried to jump at him. He will start to get more freaked out and start to worry. Next i would make it

  • Search Dogs

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    the trapped people. A example of “text to text” is Temple Grandin. Temple went to a boarding schools in the country. At the boarding school there were horses that were emotionally unstable an freaked out a lot. When Temple met the “worst” horse there named Lady she saw herself in the horse. She freaked out when someone was hugging or

  • Attack At Sea Research Paper

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    Attack at sea

  • The Best-Personal Narrative

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    thinking that they were in a cult or some demonic gang. We were all freaked out and the worst part was, the truck was almost out of gas. We kept driving around until finally we managed to find a road. We didn’t even care where the road led too. I just turned on to it and drove away. When we looked back, all we saw was the four clowns standing there waving at us. That sight, made me shiver and just freaked me out. After that day, all of us were terrified of clowns. Every night, we think

  • Accomplishments Essay

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    Accomplishments Essay Back in the days of my childhood when I was young and free. Undisturbed of my actions and innocent as I could’ve been. Playing my trombone was one of my favorite things to do. Naturally, I’ve joined the school band to meet other talented musicians. Eventually, we’ve found ourselves being judged by adults and tested for greatness. It was in the midst of Spring. When the dead trees from winter were slowly revived by the gentle sunlight. I took a step down from the bus

  • Personal Narrative: Homelessness And Homeless People

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    first I though it was a doll or something as some people haven't cleaned up any hallowween decorations, but after passing it I felt this sense of fear and looked back and I noticed it moved from behind the swings to behind a tree. I kept moving a bit freaked out, but I thought it could be a homeless person as there was no lights in the park. I looked back