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  • Freeganism: An Eco-friendliness Way of Living Essay examples

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    The world is inhabited by numerous cultures consisting of different lifestyles. Freeganism is a subculture that is ordinarily unheard of. The characteristics are impressively diverse from those most would associate with everyday life. The capitalistic culture incorporates commodified food, organized structure, ‘hygienically clean’, easier accessible foods, and more individualization. On the other hand, a freegan culture is comprised of free food, a less organized structure, ‘dirty’ foods with a chance

  • Freegans Wasteful

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    Everyday we are extremely wasteful with our resources and freeganism is a movement to fight that. “For those new to the term (free + vegan), a freegan is a person who has decided to boycott capitalist society by severely curtailing consumption of resources through reusing, recycling and Dumpster diving” (Kelley). Freegans simultaneously fight the system while also minimize waste, by utilizing the items that would otherwise serve no purpose. “Freegans want to put an end to waste and to the damage