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  • Louboutin 's Case Against Yves Saint Laurent

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    Christian Louboutin is a high-end French fashion designer that uses red lacquered soles on his women’s shoes. He also sells other high-end items other than shoes like purses, wallets, and even items for men. First, I would like to state that Louboutin had his first debut in the shoe industry in 1992. His shoe design featured the red-soles we will be discussing throughout this case. He used these red soles to set his shoe design apart from many other shoe designers who often used black or beige soles

  • The Fashion Designer Who Showed Avant Garde Fashion

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    All of these Japanese fashion designers, Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, and Yohji Yamamoto passed the same time period in Japan. Though they have their own styles and differences among them, these fashion designers pursued the same philosophy of 1980’s deconstructionism to create avant-garde fashion. And that is certainly evident in each of their Paris collections, especially their debut shows. Through this fashion style, “Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto are considered

  • Personal Statement: Working With People From Different Backgrounds

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    characters) In 2014, I completed an internship at Vocon, a well-known architecture firm in Manhattan. Working at Vocon was unfamiliar for me. My coworkers had a very different background than mine: a young French girl with no true working experience within a group of senior American architects and designers coming from all the country and working in Manhattan where they renovate headquarters of famous companies. Quickly I found my mark since growing up in an international environment and having spent lot

  • Kate Spade Swot Analysis

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    Luxury fashion brands tended to target their customers demographically by their age, gender, income, and lifestyle. Kate Spade & Company used to target middle aged women, suburban moms; it was well-known for its minimalist, angular handbags. Later on, Kate Spade & Company shifted its demographic groups to have a target market of females, and ranged from 20 to 35 years of age. Though the company generally targeted a middle and upper-class audience, Spade had designed her brand to have an image of

  • Social Issues And Social Factors Of Hugo Boss AG

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    Russell Brand was thrown out of GQ magazine’s Men of the Year Awards after-show for making jokes about Hugo Boss, that was an event sponsor. While on stage, Brand told the gathered celebrities and politicians, ‘If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.’

  • Why Men Are More Talented At Design Than Women

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    accurately measure the success rate of designers based on sex or sexual orientation, or, somewhat speciously, to examine if men are more talented at design than women. As Valerie Steele, the chief curator of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, said: "There is no gay gene for creativity." But circumstantial evidence is making some designers wonder about the disparities. Of the young American designers most embraced by retailers and celebrated in the fashion press in recent years, the roll

  • 2) The Three Main Fashion Centres Within France Paris, Lyon and Marseille are not only the three

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    2) The Three Main Fashion Centres Within France Paris, Lyon and Marseille are not only the three largest cities in France, but they are also the main fashion centres in the country. Each city has played a unique role in shaping France as a fashion mecca. France has been called the world fashion capital for many decades. France’s capital and largest city, Paris is home some of the world’s most elite French fashion houses. The Golden Triangle is a name given to Avenue Champs- Élysées, Avenue Marceau

  • Fashion Analysis : Fashion Week

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    things that can bring people together. Fashion Week is one of them. Fashion Week brings artists, designers, and audiences from across the world together in the name of art. However, the importance of Fashion Week cannot be expressed without first discussing its history. Fashion Week allows fashion designers to display their designs to a worldwide audience (Fortini para. 10). Basically, Fashion Week is a time during which the industry’s most prestigious designers set their forthcoming collections

  • Essay On Kate Spade

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    The fashion world is driven by some of the most inspiring and creative designers whose designs have been appreciated by all and sundry. Check out the top 10 fashion designers in the world, who have given a new dimension to the world of fashion. Marc Jacobs A top-notch American fashion designer, Marc is the head designer of famous brands Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Previously, he was the creative director of French design house Louis Vuitton and his designs turned Louis Vuitton into a fashion

  • Reasons Why Paris Became The 21st Century Most Important Fashion City

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    the first capital city of fashion and whether it can still be considered the 21st Century most important fashion city. Introduction The definition of fashion capital – In furthermore, Cities that are known worldwide and recognized by the fashion industry, known for a range of roles that associate with such businesses, entertainment and unique international profile. The points I will be addressing in this essay is how the historical past of Paris became an influence of fashion in the late 17th Century