Freshman Year Essay

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  • Freshman Year

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    the window with a wave and an “adios”. Freshman year is predominantly known as the worst year of every student’s high school career. You must adjust to high school, which includes harder classes with more advanced curriculum, and learning your way around the school, as well as learning any new rules that your school may have. However, there are techniques that you can learn to make your freshman year much more straightforward. In order for you, as a freshman, to become a better student, you must wear

  • My Freshman Year : My Philosophy Of My Life

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    Freshman year my life philosophy was “Don’t lose yourself trying to be everything to everyone.” Freshman year is like a whole new beginning for everyone. It is when everyone starts fresh. It's not always the best start for some though. Most girls try to fit in and impress the boys and upperclassmen, when they should be trying to impress themselves. I can’t say much because I tried to fit in. I tried to get involved in clubs and sports and people I shouldn’t be hanging around. I learned that none

  • Freshman Year Essay

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    Freshman year will be a experience to remember. You get freedom and fell mature.Classes however,are getting dificult.In High School you must really work hard and put effort in your work. Through Freshman year I learned that you shouldn’t worry about a bad grade but instead use that bad grade as your motivation to try harder. It’s important to know your interests,abilities, and goals because it motivates you to try hard and because it will insure that your career makes you happy. The process of

  • Freshman Year Research Paper

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    Freshman year has got to be the craziest year out of all of highschool. Seeing some of your closest friends go to a different school then you. Going into a new bigger school unaware of your surroundings. And Making and hanging out with new friends and teammates. The first day in high school in my freshman year i had no idea where i was going or where my classes were. The building looked big outside and even bigger on the inside. Everyone looked older and taller, even the girls. We actually got to

  • Freshman Year In High School

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    Your freshman year will be exciting, but it can also be intimidating. It is the start of four long years of high school, some of the most important years of your life. There are a lot of important things to do your freshman year, many of which I didn't start until much later. So here is some advice that will help you survive your freshman year, and prepare you for the rest of high school. Join a sports team or club High school is the time to try new things and discover what you enjoy doing

  • Freshman Year In High School

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    Freshman year, I imagined that year to be amazing. I wanted it to just have an awesome flow but did it? It did in the beginning then a bomb went off during the middle of the year and turned freshman year into a complete disaster. Freshman year was supposed to be about having a great start to the rest of your high school life before you enter the big bad world but other students just couldn't help themselves but to create that bomb during the middle of my freshman year. The year you were a tiny

  • My Freshman Year Essay

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    What was freshman year to me? My freshman year was not the the way I wanted it to go , I was put in a class I didn't know about because the school had messed up my class schedule and had not fixed it until the 2nd semester. By the time the year had ended I had to do with the whole summer school thing, I had to take the algebra one semester one and two over summer because i had failed the 2nd semester due to me not knowing anything in that class. Freshman year wasn’t really the way I wanted it to

  • Freshman Year Research Papers

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    College is a time for people to start reaching their goals they had set for themselves. That is what Megan was doing. Freshman year is a tenacious year for numerous of people. There is a change in scenery, making new friends, starting to figure out who you are as an individual. Megan strived to be better at long-distance running. In today’s society, the media has an extensive impact on body image and how to be beautiful. The images displayed on websites, television, and magazine are not realistic

  • Personal Statement: Freshman Year 2015

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    Year 2015 is when I started my freshman year. Although I was in high school since 8th grade, the title “Freshman” made this school year more nervous. Freshman year starts a lot of things for me. Such as academy program, swim team, and grade that would actually count toward college. It is very hard to get used to high school and creates a lot of stress. Everyone tells me freshman year is very important and it is important to do good during freshman year. They told me starting from freshman year

  • Personal Narrative: Freshman Year Football

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    Freshman Year Football One of my favorite memories that I’ve is my freshman year of football. This is my favorite because we turned ourselves into a 1-8 8th grade team to an 8-1 freshman team. This is a good memory because we came together as a team instead of individuals. This all happened week 1 in August of 2012. One of our teammates shoes were thrown on top of the rafters in the main gym at East Noble High School. Coach Amstutz was told about the incident and the whole team was punished and