Friedrich Fröbel

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    Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel lived from April 21, 1782 to June 21, 1852. He was a German teacher, and he laid out the foundation for modern education. His observations and actions were based on the recognition that all children have different needs and capabilities, which at the time was a milestone in education. Furthermore, he invented the concept of "kindergarten," and he also created the educational toys that are known as Froebel Gifts. Froebel is from Oberweissbach, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

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    Montessori Curriculum Model Approach Research Paper 2017-10-13 The topic that I choose for my curriculum model/approach paper is Montessori. Montessori is an approach to education that is individual. It is for children from toddlers all through high school that helps all children reach full potential in all the areas of life. Montessori is an approach that is student-centered. Montessori encourages creativity and curiosity and helps children to ask questions, explore, investigate and think of themselves

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