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  • Essay on ‘Making History’ by Brian Friel.

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    History’ by Brian Friel. In this essay the author examines the extent to which Is the character of Hugh O’Neill is more influenced by private feelings or by public duty. In Brian Friels play ‘Making History’ the reader wonders whether the character of Hugh O’Neill is more influenced by private feelings or public duty. By “private feeling’s” I mean beliefs, private views and opinions and his ‘public duty’ is his obligations to the Irish people. It should be noted that Friels portrayal of the

  • Translations by Brian Friel

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    It is very fitting that this play is set in a hedge school in Baile Beag in 1833. Firstly, the educational system was going to be “revamped” in the eyes of the English and in the hedge schools, languages such as Greek and Latin were thought to be useful as opposed to English which was virtually unknown. Secondly, language is a fundamental aspect of development and language is fundamental to education – so the English must begin with where education takes place so as to work its way into society.

  • Dancing At Lughnasa Analysis

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    considered how this sets the tone for the play. Next, this essay will go on to examine the way the characters unfulfilled desires add to the overall effect of the play. Poverty is apparent in the Mundy household and through the presence of hardship Friel represents the socioeconomic environment in Ireland. Continuing to consider the Ireland represented in the play this essay will look at the way the

  • Summary Of Dancing At Lughnasa

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    ” Dancing at Lughnasa” is a play written by Brian Friel first published in 1990. In the play, Friel tells the story of Ireland as a whole through the story of a family living in Ballybeg, Donegal. The family consists of five sisters and their brother, as well as Michael. Michael is the son of one of the sisters, Christina, but more importantly the narrator of the story. The play is set in the summer of 1936. The first change mentioned in the book is the return of Father Jack. Father Jack is the

  • Summary Of Brian Friel's 'Translations'

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    Northern Ireland, 1833. Brian Friel explores the modernization affect individuals and communities that occurred as a result of the conquering English language. He examines how language shapes reality, whilst questioning the assumption that any two people can share the same reality; ideas can be translated between cultures without necessarily being altered. The play offers a parable about the fate of a parochial attitude for those who are not familiar with Irish history. Brain Friel is considered to be “concerned

  • Analysis Of Fagles 's ' Antigone '

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    While Ismene 's language relies heavily upon a Northern Irish dialect, differences between Paulin 's Ismene and Fagles ' go further. In Fagles 's Antigone, Ismene is a voice of reason in contrast to her rash and hot-headed sister. She advocates prudence as "sensible". Paulin 's work offers an Ismene translated not only linguistically but also in personality. As this Ismene warns Antigone, she thinks only of the punishment. Her concern is not that the two would defy the state but that they would die

  • Brian Friel's "Translations" Essay

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    Brian Friel's "Translations" 'Translations', by Brian Friel, presents us with an idyllic rural community turned on its head as the result of the recording and translation of place names into English; an action which is at first sight purely administrative. In Act 1 of the play, Friel brings together the inhabitants of this quaint Irish village in what can only be described as a gathering of minds - minds which study the classics, yet minds which study dead languages. In the same way, while

  • Language, Not Politics Or History Essay

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    Brian Friel correctly claims that Translations is a play that emphasizes language, not politics or history. This story takes place in a rural Gaelic-speaking town in Ireland and focuses on the interactions between Irish and English folk. These conversations end up to be a series of ‘mistranslations’. Throughout the plot of this play, Friel proves that a person’s identity comes from language alone. Understanding the politics and history of a play merely explains the factual framework of the story

  • The Love Scene between George and Maire from Translations Essay

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    The Love Scene between George and Maire from Translations This scene, in my opinion is the dramatic centre of Translations. The scene displays that George and Maire have fallen in love as they return from the dance together; the pair find it hard to communicate, and exhaust every method of communication before reciting place names to one another. The common language of the place names increases the tension between George and Maire until, finally, they kiss. The kiss is witnessed by Sarah

  • The Importance of Harry Hoveden in Making History Essay

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    The Importance of Harry Hoveden in Making History In making history, Brian Friel uses Hugh O’Neill to define the characters in the play, and the way in which his actions affect them gives the audience some characteristics to decide on the personality of particular characters. Harry Hoveden is obviously an important character in the play because he plays a major part in the play, and appears in most of the major scenes. It is also clear that he is important to O’Neill because he is often