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  • A Summary OfFrindle By Andrew Clements

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    “Frindle” by Andrew Clements illustrated by Brian Selznick Nick Allen is a child full of ideas who decides to replace the word “pen” with the word “frindle” after his teacher has told him that words are formed by the people making them, therefore he must try it out for himself and gets six of his friends to commit to using the word “frindle” instead of pen. Nick and his friends made a big show about using the new word every time they needed to say pen, however Mrs. Granger, the fifth grade, language

  • Similarities And Differences Between Frindle And Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

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    After reading “Frindle”and “Diary of a Wimpy kid” 정치외교학과 2700099 신민수 two books’s similarities and differences these books’s similarity, most of all, is principal character who attends elementary school. And then, these noveles’s flows is stories happening at the school. But “Frindle” organizes a set of stories from elementary students to an adult. In other words. This book contents typical novel’s charateristic with a well organized

  • Similarities And Differences Between Findle And The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

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    After reading “Frindle”and “Diary of a Wimpy kid” 정치외교학과 2700099 신민수 two book’s similarities and differences these books’ similarity, most of all, is a principal character who attends elementary school. And then, these novels’ flows is stories happening at the school. While “Frindle” organizes a set of stories from elementary students to an adult, In other words, This book contents typical characteristics with a well organized passage

  • Interest Interview Report

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    For my interest interview I interviewed a boy who is nine years old and in the fourth grade. I interviewed him at my old baby sitters house where he now goes. It was hard to get allot out of him because he was a little shy. I first asked him what his hobbies and interest where he said dancing and basketball. He told me he plays for a league in Kansas City and dances at a dance studio called Dynamic Dance. I asked him what he liked to do in his free time and his answer was to make people laugh, and

  • Clements: A Literary Analysis

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    the first week or so, and see what it feels like to be viewed as an individual. After some investigation, he realizes that the school only has records for one of them. This slim story has all the elements readers have come to expect from Clements (Frindle): a school setting, likable secondary characters, supportive adults and a challenge

  • What Is Andrew Clements Your Favorite Hero

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    There are many heroes I like and admire. They include people in history and people of today. They all have similar characteristics to mine. They also have many things they did to inspire me. They also struggled through some similar challenges I went through or they went through similar success as me. My favorite hero is Andrew Clements. Here is some information on his life. Andrew Clements is a good quality author. He earned his Masters of Arts in Teaching at the National Louis University. The grades

  • Descriptive Essay

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    to explain a process I use for specific situations. It takes a lot of time to explain the whole process, so I decided one night to make my own word to describe the process. The word I created explains the process. I was inspired by a book titled Frindle written by Andrew Clements that I read in elementary school. In my research I discovered many ways that new words can be created. These ways are the randomizer approach, making a noun have a new, different twist, and turning objects into verbs. I

  • Beethoven's Sixth Symphony

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    Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony “He (Beethoven) was a pivotal figure in the transition from 18th century musical classicism to 19th century romanticism, and his influence on subsequent generations of composers was profound” Kerman and Tyson. Beethoven’s sixth symphony (also known as the pastoral symphony) has qualities of both the classical and romantic periods and illustrates Beethoven’s revolutionary ideas as well as highlights his classical influences. The programmatic nature of the piece is the dominant

  • My Passion In My Life

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    Growing up, I never saw my mom without a book, I remember spending hours wandering around bookstores and I wanting to understands why she loved it so much. Even at a young age, I understood, I had no clue why people read. In my mind, it was always a dreadful task I was forced to do in school when I’d rather be coloring or playing outside. I could never have imagined that it would become such a huge passion in my life. All my problems started early on in my academic career, I remember sitting in

  • The Taylor Humphreys : The Youngest Child

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    Jaren Taylor Humphreys grew up as the youngest child in a family of four in the state of Illinois. The Humphrey family features James Humphreys who is Jaren’s father and passed away in 2005. His father was a Seventh - day Adventist pastor. Jaren’s mother, Rene Humphreys, who is 52 years of age, is a superintendent in the Lake Region Seventh-day Adventist Conference. Jaren older brother, Austin Humphreys , 25 is a Seventh-day Adventist pastor at Burein Seventh-day Adventist in Atlanta Georgia. Jaren