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  • The Mental And Emotional Effects Of Life During The Secret Annexe

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    The Mental and Emotional Effects of Life in the Secret Annexe Imagine dozens of families being seized from their house for no particular reason, or imagine a dirty and desolate campground with hardly any food and little to no chance of surviving. These are the horrors the the German Nazis brought to life in the 1930’s and 1940’s, where they persecuted Jews and forced them to work in labor camps or serve in concentration camps before being eventually killed off via gas chambers or being shot. Anne

  • A Private Diary to a Public Novel: Anne Frank

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    about the Holocaust ( Staff). How did it happen that Anne’s personal diary turn into the most widely read account of the holocaust? Miep Gies found the diary after Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne Frank, along with the Van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer were arrested. After the war, when Otto returned to Amsterdam and found that he was the only survivor, Miep gave him Anne’s diary ( Otto read his daughter’s diary. He was shocked to find, how different the Anne that he had know

  • Essay On Anne Frank

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    World War II took away many things from people; loved ones, homes, personal possessions, from Anne Frank the war took away her childhood. When she was still a young girl she had to move to a completely different country. Annelies Marie Frank had been born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany into a jewish family. ( Anne Frank (1929- 1945) German diarist) Four short years later Hitler came into power and was after the jewish, because of this Anne and her family were forced to flee to Amsterdam leaving their

  • Anne Frank Childhood

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    Anne Frank was a normal girl in a not-so-normal time period. She was born in a time of war and unjust, prejudice and racist thoughts. In a world of hate, she was able to keep her good spirit and faith in humanity until the end. Born June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany, Annelise Marie Frank was the youngest in a family of four. A mother (Edith), a father (Otto) and a sister, (Margot) Anne seemed to have a pretty good life. She was a citizen of Germany until 1941 when the Nuremberg laws took effect

  • The Racial Causes Of The Holocaust

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    Of the 11 million people who were murdered during the World War II Holocaust, 6 million were Jews and 1.1 million were children. Each one has a story to tell, whether we know it or not- Anne Frank was one of them. Through the vivid narration of her firsthand experience of the war, we can come to perceive the Holocaust in a whole new light, in a way that’s described by an ordinary, determined young girl whose whole life was changed just because of her race, and how millions of other’s lives were

  • Anne Frank Analysis

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    her family had to go into hiding in the “Secret Annex”, an empty section behind her father’s company, after her sister Margot was called up to go to a labor camp. Eventually they were joined by the van Daan family (van Pels) and Alfred Dussel (Fritz Pfeffer). Although it might appear that conflict is the main cause because conflict between Nazi Germany and Jews caused the Franks to move into hiding, and there is also conflict between people in the Annex, that’s incorrect because change in power turned

  • The Secret Annex: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    was impressed with the "Secret Annex," calling it "an ideal hiding place." (Frank, A (1947). The Diary of Anne Frank. Amsterdam: pg. 13-14 Due to fairly small living quarters in the secret annex many of them had to share a room, Anne Frank and Fritz Pfeffer shared a room, Otto, Edith and Margot Frank shared a room, Peter Van had his own room but it was fairly small and Hermann and Auguste Van Pels shared had a room in the communal living space. The average room in the secret annex was 5.39m (long)

  • Anne Frank Life

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    out at all. Some of her father’s last employees would come and accommodate them by giving them left over food and water at any time they could, but it was not enough to feed the four Franks, the three Van Pels', and a man they welcomed in 1942, Fritz Pfeffer. The occupants were not to make noise, the slightest sound or even a glimpse of a person through a window could give them away. The windows were not to be open let alone looked through, and toilets were only to be flushed at the safest times when

  • Character Analysis Of Ann Frank 's First Diary Entry

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    Throughout The Years Adolf Hitler is a name most all know and have learned about while in school. Another name associated with Hitler as well as his time of power is Anne Frank. “...But I 'm not sorry, memories mean more to me than dresses.” From Anne Frank’s first diary entry (Simkin, John.) that simple sentence speaks volumes to what kind of person Anne was. From books, plays, movies and her diary about her life they have captivated so many for years. A child who grow up in a time that would

  • Research Paper On Anne Frank

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    Annie Geppert Dr. Hinkle English December 13, 2017 Anne Frank Growing up, I didn’t often meet kids named Anne. I was always told my name was “a classic” or it was very “simple”. My siblings and I all had these “classic” names and none of us knew why. Once when I was about 9, I decided to ask. Why was my name Anne? What was the significance of the name? My answer was Anne Frank. Most people know the story of Anne Frank. She went from a privileged life to one in hiding and one of torture.