Fundamental physics concepts

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  • Bohr 's Theory Of Physics

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    Therefore, according to Bohr, an atom can be thought of as a “microscopic solar system.” His theory is similarly patterned to the solar system, where the planets surround the sun. However, his philosophy posed a concern. Due to the classic laws of physics, his ideology was not accurate. The issue that aroused was that any charged particle, such as an electron, that is operating in a circular route should unceasingly forfeit energy as it moves. Moreover, when electrons lose their energy, they would

  • The Effect Of Temperature On The Earth Surface Energy Budget

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    1. Introduction In 1762, Scottish chemist Joseph Black first introduced the term ‘Latent Heat’. He defined this term as the quantity of heat absorbed or released by a substance undergoing a change of state at a constant temperature and pressure [2]. Black, used the term latent heat in the context of calorimetry [3] when he observed a change in volume of a thermodynamic system whilst it was held at a constant temperature. Two more common forms of enthalpies are latent heat of fusion (solid to liquid)

  • The Cauchy Stress Principle

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    material without disturbing the material state. The elasto-dynamic problem is a challenging predicament to the modern material scientists. In the last twenty years the concept of structural deformation levels obtained the recognition in physics of solids and especially in the science of materials [Panin (1995)]. According to which the concept, each point of a solid body is a complex system of interacting structures of lower level. In the present work elastodynamic problem of in elastic solids and the finite

  • Relationship Between the Study of Heat and Kinetic Theory of Matter and Temperature

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    Heat, Kinetic Theory of Matter, and Temperature: In all scientific areas, heat and temperature are significant concepts, especially in a student's daily life and activities. Moreover, people deal with heat and temperature in their day-to-day experiences though several households have significant misconceptions about these concepts. The study and examination of heat and temperature is important because it provides students with a means for exploring energy interactions in order to see the process

  • Thermal Energy : A Substance Or System

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    Kelly McManus Physics Honors Block 1 January 5, 2015 Thermal Energy Thermal energy is the energy a substance or system has related to its temperature. This means the energy of moving or vibrating molecules. Atoms and molecules are always in motion. Generally the motion of thermal energy cannot be seen, but instead the effects it has on the substance can be seen or felt. Thermal energy can have several different uses. It can be used to heat homes, cook food, and generate electricity. Thermal

  • The Thermodynamics Of Solidification Process

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    THERMODYNAMICS PROJECT Prof: Srinivasan G. Srivilliputhur Thermodynamics of Solidification. - Finally Draft - Chun-Yu Lin and Yiyang Wan University of North Texas Material Science and Engineering department Denton, TX 76207 Oct 30 2014 Outline 1. Introduction of Solidification 2. Principle of Solidification Process a. Nucleation b. Growth of solid c. Alloy’s phase diagram d. Alloy Solidification 3. Real Application of Solidification Process a. Eutectic Solidification Process

  • Investigating The Total Heat Energy Released

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    Data Analysis In order to determine the total heat energy released by each of the fuel sources, a graph will need to be constructed to demonstrate the change in the temperature of water over the entire duration of the experiment. From this graph, a linear trendline will be created for the last 3 data points where the water was allowed to cool, which can be extrapolated backwards to determine the total decrease in the temperature of the water due to a loss of energy to the surrounding environment

  • The Deposition Of Hybrid Coatings

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    Deposition of hybrid coatings is also possible using AP-PECVD by utilizing vapor of hybrid organic-inorganic monomer and an organic monomer which can result in bringing excellent barrier properties.[44] Also, as it is mentioned in the literature, with AP-PECVD, working with a combination of two precursors with different phases, is possible.[44] Also deposition of thin organic coatings with a biomolecule embedded in them has shown for AP-PECVD.[51, 52] The different methods of plasma production,

  • The Effect Of Angular Momentum On Classical Mechanics

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    INTRODUCTION We know the importance of Angular Momentum in Classical Mechanics; the total angular momentum of an isolated physical system is a constant of the motion. For example, if a point particle P, of mass m, is moving in a central potential (one which depends only on the distance between P and a fixed point O), the force to which P is subjected is always directed towards O. Its moment with respect to O is consequently zero, and the angular momentum theorem implies that derivative of L (Angular

  • Cardiovascular Regulation Of Plasma Volume

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    In order to study the kidney 's regulation of plasma volume, osmolality, and pH, the changes in urine flow rate, specific density, and urine pH of adult human subjects were measured. Subjects were assigned one of four beverage options: water, Gatorade, Coke, or nothing. Beverages of different compositions were used to study what effects does fluid intake have on urine volume and composition. Subjects fasted five hours prior to the experiment, in which the subjects were required to void and test their