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  • The Call for the Gaelic League Essay

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    The Call for the Gaelic League What would the United States be like if Americans couldn’t practice their customs, culture, or even appreciate their heritage? Granted the United States is a “melting pot” for several ethnicities, but some native countries and cultures have faced this type of dilemma. The Spanish influence on the Aztecs and the English on Native Americans are two examples of this imperialistic move. If only these cultures had a strong network of men and women who devoted their lives

  • How Did The Gaelic League Affect The Irish Dance

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    When I hear the words “The Gaelic League”, I automatically think of the period when the Irish language was restored in Ireland. I agree with the above statement. The Gaelic League influenced the promotion of the Irish dance tradition greatly in the 20th century as dance was very important. It was a massive part of Irish culture and it maintained Irish identity. It was founded by O’Growney and Douglas Hyde in 1893. It established an agency called “An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha” (the commission for

  • Flowers: Short Story and War Essay

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    “Flowers” Robin Jenkins effectively conveys loss of innocence and ant war through sophisticated symbolism in the short story “Flowers”. It tells the story of a young girl, Margaret, who was evacuated from the city of Glasgow to the highlands of Scotland in an attempt to avoid the inhumanity of war, but it is in the highlands where she truly witnessed the brutality of war. The character of Miss Laing is used to show the glamour of war. At the beginning of the story Miss Laing is portrayed

  • What Is King Arthur Real

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    The story of King Arthur is one that has fascinated schoolchildren and adults alike for many years. Children (and, admittedly, many adults as well) adore the action and adventure found in the tales and delight in the sheer romance of it all. The story of an idyllic kingdom with the most glorious king in the world and his noble knights going on adventures is one that has appealed to audiences for a very long time. However, some adults are more interested in the legends not for the storybook aspects

  • Should Handball Be An Olympic Sport?

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    is just a variation of many sports such as, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Water Polo, Gaelic Football. Also Handball was made after those seven sports. Notice those seven sports are all similar to Handball. Football was made in 1869, Soccer was made in 1863, Baseball was made in 1839, Basketball was made in 1891, Softball was made in 1887, Water Polo was made in 1869, Gaelic Football was made in 1884, and Handball was made in 1906. This just shows that Handball is not a original

  • Essay On The GAA In 1916

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    Although there were some significant changes evident in the GAA in Dublin in 1917 the majority of the Association in Dublin remained the same as before. The GAA in Dublin had a large increase in the number of clubs affiliated to it since the 1915 convention, with seventy clubs listed at the Annual Convention of 1916 which was held on 14 January 1917. Some of the new clubs were named in memory of those killed during the 1916.1 William Nolan notes that the Volunteers from North Dublin, founded the

  • My Scottish Influenced My Life

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    At a local Scottish Highland Games and Festival at Davis Park in Rockford, where I had found an interesting group of people. It was a Scottish action theater and stunt troupe giving a show. I was enamored with the group. I met members who invited to a practice. They were operating out of Rockford. The idea of acting as well as having an opportunity to engage in my own heritage; my paternal grandmother is Celtic, that is Scottish and Norman French. I spent the summer, going from Iowa to Ohio, wearing

  • The Impact Of The GAA On The Easter Rising

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    On the 1st of November 1884, a small group of nationalist men which included Michael Cusack, Maurice Davin and John Wyse- Power, amongst others met at Hayes Hotel in Thurles, County Tipperary. At that short meeting the Gaelic Athletic Association for the Preservation and Cultivation was founded. From the following year the Irish Republican Brotherhood began to take a strong interest in the Association and attempted to take over the Association in its early years, an attempt that had it succeeded

  • Taking a Look at Hurling

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    Hurling is believed to be the worlds oldest and fastest paced sport in history. Its roots have prehistoric origins and have been played for over 3,000 years, even older than recorded history of Ireland, which is its national game of play. The history itself of hurling is longer than the Bible and often unclear. Nonetheless hurling is an incredible sport full of rich history and a truly rigorous sport. Since hurling is not a well-known sport to us Americans, I’m going to give a brief background of

  • Differences Between Football And Sports

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    Football is a sport that is highly regarded all around the globe. The sport has immense popularity where the UEFA Champions League final attracts an estimated of 350 million viewers each year]. Football has had great success globally where there is an estimated of 250 million Football players worldwide]. Despite the sport’s tremendous influence and popularity, various countries have found it difficult to integrate Football as a regularly played sport, and two notable countries are the United States