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  • Gaius Julius Caesar Analysis

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    The Things Which are Caesar's Gaius Julius Caesar was a military commander, a Roman consul, and Dictator of Ancient Rome. His military victories, cult of personality, and influence on Roman life brought him respect in Rome. Cicero, an orator of the era, confirmed Cesar’s accounts of his role during the civil war. In representing his own role in the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar sketches a picture of his influence on his contemporaries that rings true when compared to Cicero's documentation of

  • The Success Of Gaius Julius Caesar

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    Gaius Julius Caesar was born 12 July 100 BCE. His father was a Praetor who governed the area of Asia and his mother, Aurelia Cotta was of noble birth. Both held to the popular ideology of Rome which favored democratization of government and more rights for the lower class. Early Training Caesar got his education of a young Roman at Rome and in Rhodes. He was considered one of the best cultured and literate of Romans. He worked as a young officer in Asia Minor

  • Essay about Gaius Julius Caesar

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    Gaius Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar has been described as one of the most influential political and military leaders in history. He began the Roman transition from a republic to an empire. Caesar united Rome under his ruthless power; he controlled religion, senate, and the military. He almost made himself emperor, and this was the fact that inspired his assassination. Caesar was born in Rome on July 12 or 13, 100 BC. He started his education early, as a young man he was placed under

  • Similarities Between Julius Caesar And Gaius Marius

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    C) as well as Gaius Marius demeanor towards his triumph at the Battle of Aquae Sextiae (102 B.C). Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, will later embody the spirit of Julius Caesar and Gaius Marius throughout his military campaign in the War of 1812 as well as his presidency (1829 -1837). President Jackson’s unprecedented imprint upon American politics and the presidency has exposed viewers to analyze few similarities portrayed from both Julius Caesar and Gaius Marius. Although

  • Gaius Julius Caesar And The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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    General, politician, and master of propaganda, Gaius Julius Caesar, better known as Julius Caesar, is closely associated with the fall of the Roman Republic. A man of profound charisma who was well known for his pivotal military campaigns, Caesar was also an author and a shrewd developer of military propaganda . He also became known for expanding the roman republics geographic borders and founding its imperial system. Caesar had battled in numerous wars and took part in the Roman government. The

  • Gaius Octavius: The Savior of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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    describes Gaius Octavius in more than one way or instance; Octavius helps to rid Rome of the evil conspirators, and Octavius is the emperor who rebuilds Rome. Readers and viewers of Shakespeare's play don’t get a clear and drawn out view of Octavius as he doesn’t appear for much of the play. A reason isn’t given in the play, but history reveals that he is off traveling the world. Octavius takes advantage of the fact that he is Caesar’s named heir when the time to seize power comes. Gaius Octavius

  • Gaius Julius Caesar: Leader Of The Late Roman Republic

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    Gaius Julius Caesar, 55, passed away March 15, 44 BC in the Portico of Pompey. Born July 13th,100 BC in Rome, he was the son of the late Aurelia Cotta and Gaius Julius Caesar Sr. Caesar was born into a patrician family, the gens Julia, which claimed to be descents of Iulus, son of Trojan prince Aeneas. While his family was very noble, they were not a very influential political family. Young Caesar left Rome for military service in Asia and Cilicia, however, when the dictator Sulla died, he returned

  • Gaius Julius Caesar

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    Civilization Gaius Julius Caesar Julius Caesar served as a key ruler in creating the Roman Empire. He is considered one of the world’s greatest generals and a wise politician. He took opportunities and used them to their fullest for self improvement. Characteristics such as confidence and charisma made Caesar a born leader. Over the course of his lifetime he flew through the political ladder in the Roman Republic and set forth a new way of ruling as a dictator. He was born as Gaius Julius

  • Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus Was Born 12: 12 A. D.

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    Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus was born in 12 A.D. He was the third son of Augustus’ adopted grandson, general Germanicus and his wife, Agrippina the Elder. During his childhood, his mother and father would dress him up in a miniature uniform, which later made the general’s troops give him the nickname “Caligula,” which means “little boot” in Latin. After Germanicus died in 17 A.D., Caligula’s family fell from favor in the eyes of the emperor Tiberius and Sejanus, who saw the sons as political rivals

  • Julius Caesar : The Dictator Of Rome

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    Julius Caesar was born in Rome, Italy c. July 12, 100 BCE (“Julius Caesar Biography”). Although many despised him, he was still able to reach his highest potential and became the dictator of Rome. This was not done easily, rather Julius went through many tough battles and overcame many difficult obstacles to reach his highest potential of a dictator. Through his dictatorship, Caesar changed the course of history to what we know it is today. Young Julius came from very humble beginnings. He was