Gamma-ray bursts

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  • The Discovery Of Grb 980425 And Sn 1998bw

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    luminosity, atypical soft and bright X-ray afterglow, and the detection of a substantial thermal X-ray and optical component during the first day of emission. The early observations in the optical-UV and X-ray can help facilitate an in-depth study of both the thermal and non-thermal components of GRB 060218 and their relation to SN 2006aj. GRB 060218 was detected with the BAT on-board $ extit{Swift}$ on February 2006 18.149 UT. $ extit{Swift}$ slewed autonomously to the burst. This GRB had a very long T$_{90}$

  • Gamma Rays Are The Most Interesting Wave Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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    Gamma rays are the most interesting wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. In 1900, Paul Villard discovered Gamma rays unexpectedly while he was conducting a radioactivity experiment (ARPANSA). He differentiated gamma rays from x-rays because he realized that gamma rays had a greater penetration power depth through his further study and research (ARPANSA). Gamma radiation studies revealed that they are very dangerous, but scientist also found a way to protect against gamma radiation and many beneficial

  • Identify The Different Types Of Radiation In Humans

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    There are three different types of radiation, alpha radiation, beta radiation and gamma radiation all which can, in general terms can benefit human by usage in medical procedures to detect errors in the human body. However these radiation can also be the cause of defects and errors in the human anatomy. Alpha particles - Alpha particles are helium nuclei that contains two protons and two neutrons. Alpha particles are positively charged. They can’t travel easily through thin materials and can be

  • The Media Revolution : Science In The Medi Revolution

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    Science in the Media: Revolution Jessica Bradley NBC’s show, Revolution explores what life might be like almost 20 years after a worldwide blackout hits North America. The blackout in Revolution was an “artificially-caused apocalyptic event occurring in September 2012” (Revolution, 2014.) This event disabled all electricity. The blackout was originally a combat test on the Taliban, but a malfunction of Nanites caused a worldwide loss of power. 15 years later, power becomes briefly restored by the

  • Effects Of Radiation Safety On The Health Risk Dealing With Radiation

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    Conclusion Abstract This paper goes over radiation safety precautions and all the health risk dealing with radiation. I will discuss the discovery of radiation, non-iodizing and iodizing radiation, natural exposure to radiation, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation and how they affect us. Also the paper will be going over radiation from human activities: underground miners, radiologists, medical

  • Radioactive Sickness

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    Causative Agent: A total body exposure of one hundred roentgens of radiation will cause radiation sickness. Although certain medical devices will give you exposure to radiation, the grays of radiation are miniscule and will not cause radiation sickness. There are a few sources that can lead to a high enough exposure of roentgens of radiation. One of these sources involves accidents or attacks involving nuclear facilities. The other has to do with accidents or being the target of radioactive or

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Cancer Patients

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    nineteenth century, solutions have been introduced by scientists, that use radiation for the diagnosis of diseases instead of surgery (Pope, 1999), which has led to great advances in medicine because diagnostic technology such as CT and X-rays scanning, nuclear medicine (PET) and mammography,

  • Nuclear Energy And Its Effects

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    They also have a less powerful ionizing rate compared to alpha particles. Gamma rays are energy, also known as electromagnetic radiation. They have no charge or mass. They move through the air extremely quickly (at the speed of light) and to ionize them, they need to directly hit the nucleus of an atom. This suggests that gamma rays have a very low ionizing rate and can travel much t=further through the air compared to alpha and beta particles. Nuclear-fuelled

  • The Natural Radioactivity Of Soil Samples

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    Abstract The concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K are measured in the material collected from two locations. The collected materials are tested using gamma ray spectrometry. The activity concentration of the naturally occurring radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in building material it varies from 12.6 to 121.4, 13.6 to 142 and from 69.5 to 620.6 Bqkg_1, respectively. The radium equivalent activity, the absorbed dose rate, annual effective dose and hazard index is also calculated Keywords Radionuclides

  • The Use Of Radiation And Its Effects On Living Organisms

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    Research Assignment Contemporary Physics Michael A. Torch Dr. David R. Simpson Health Physicist Radiation has been present since the birth of the universe. Upon its discovery in the early 19th century, humans have used radiation for its beneficial purposes that date back decades. However, when used precariously or in large quantities, radiation can be dangerous. It can cause detrimental effects to living organisms. Medical facilities, nuclear power plants, research laboratories and academic industries