Gang of Four

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  • What Are The Four Types Of Gangs

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    textbook, there are four different types of gangs. They are: social gang, party gang, serious delinquent gang, and organized gang. Different gangs concentrate on protecting specific areas of a community or on specific activities for example drugs, theft, or other serious offenses. Social Gangs are those that are “Involved in few delinquent activities and little drug use other than alcohol and marijuana. Members are more interested in social activities” (Siegel and Welsh 219). Social gangs could be a group

  • Political Influence Of The Gang Of Four Essay

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    great proletarian cultural revolution; The smash of "the gang of four" and the reform and opening-up policy, etc. All the articles or books I have read explains those movements from a different angle. In the following section, I will explain the specific movement in two ways - the ordinary history book and the approach from the article, which can’t be found in Chinese network. The Political Influence of Feminism - the smash of “the gang of four” In the Chinese high school history book, we always learned

  • Gang Of Four Design Pattern Analysis

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    Gang of Four Design Patterns This section gives a high-level description of the twenty-three design patterns described by the Gang of Four. Each pattern description includes a link to a more detailed article describing the design pattern and including a UML diagram, template source code and a real-world example programmed using C#. Creational Patterns The first type of design pattern is the creational pattern. Creational patterns provide ways to instantiate single objects or groups of related objects

  • Summary Of Independent Reading Reflection

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    progresses. It also describes a little bit of what his father looks like and what his dead mother used to look like. Questions: How did his mother die? How could his race effect the story? #2- Quote: “Wherever the huge ships lay, scavenge gangs like nailer’s swarmed like flies.” Response: This is important because it gives us (the reader) much needed background information to better visualize and understand the story. Most likely, his job will play a key role in both the story as it developes

  • Personal Narrative: My Love Of Reading And Writing

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    I’m not really a big fan of reading or writing because of past experience.When I was in elementary school i never really was told to read much so i never decided to do it because I wasn’t told to.I always thought it was boring so from me not reading or trying not to read it started to affect me my 8th grade year i was put in read 180 for low SRI scores I was in there for two years I got out of there my 10th grade year but I still don’t think I improved on my reading at all. Then my sophomore year

  • The Gang Of Four And Mao Zedong's Roles Of The Communist Party

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    attacked the very status quo that had been raised under. The authorities and elders they once would have respected and admired were under attack by the young mislead yet educated Red Guards. All with the Communists Party’s or more specifically the Gang of Four and Mao Zedong’s blessing. Irrational thought and actions were excited by the Red Guard almost every day. Besides just persecuting the local party leaders and land or business owners because they were so called capitalist Chinese under the Maoist

  • Social Inequality In The United States: A Social Analysis

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    The United States is infested with street gangs, from rural towns to inner-cities, that perpetuate violence and criminal activity. There are four gangs that have gained nation status--Crips, Bloods, People Nation, and Folk Nation. American’s strain on African Americans and Latinos creates oppression and has led to the creation of these gangs. Minorities are predominantly in the lower class, stratified by inequality in the workplace, schools, and social groups. Vince Staples, a former Crip, details

  • Juvenile Offenders In Memphis Case Analysis

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    2015, four thousand nine hundred and eight juveniles were arrested for various offenses. The most prevalent charge for juvenile offenders was simple assault making up fourteen hundred eighty-four of the arrests. Additionally, there were twelve arrests for murder as well as one hundred and twenty weapons violation charges involving juveniles. The majority of the crime committed within Memphis is perpetrated by offenders under the age of twenty-four of whom are noted to be affiliated with gangs (Operation:

  • Research Paper On Gangs In Prison

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    Professor Courtney Tribble English 151 November 5, 2014 Gangs in Prison Gangs pose a threat to the safety of United States prisons by performing illegal activities and the encouraging violence. It is important to develop strategies to reduce gang recruitment, limit their influence, and sanction their misconduct in order to create a safe environment for all prisoners. With this, inmates that are involved in gangs should be put under twenty four-hour lockdown. By isolating these members, prisons will

  • Street Gangs of Los Angeles Essay

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    finished watching the documentary street gangs of Los Angeles two theories were most prevalent in my mind for why there was gang formation in that area. The first being Travis herschi’s “social bonds”. Second being Walter miller’s “focal concerns”. Social bond theory is not a crime causation theory but a pro social behavior theory that helps explain deviance. This theory identified four social bonds that promote adherence to society’s laws and values. The four bonds being: attachment, commitment, involvement