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    Garry Winogrand Gary Winogrand’s photography career began when a friend introduced him to it in 1948 while taking painting classes at Columbia University. After Winogrand’s first exposure to the darkroom, he abandoned painting and “never looked back.” Winogrand became extremely emerged in photography and felt that nothing else in life mattered. He dropped out of college to pursue his passion. Earning an average of ninety cents per week, he had a difficult yet determined beginning. Winogrand

  • Two Pieces showing Photography as Art Essay

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    Analysis of: American Legion Convention-Dallas: Street photography by Garry Winogrand Skip, Philadelphia: A photograph by George Krause Art is such an eternal concept and part of our lives. It lives on through generations, transcending many periods, and can speak through many mediums. Art is a way of expression, when nothing else can capture, but is something that can be interpreted in many ways. I chose photography—that which best portrays mankind, in that it hides nothing and only

  • Garry Winogrand: The Godfather of Street Photography Essay

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    photographers such as Garry Winogrand, who turned photography into an art. Winogrand symbolized a new generation of photographers on the rise in the mid-1960s known as “street photographers.” While each photo is of simple, everyday life, they each contain an individual message and meaning much deeper than what was seen through the lens. His impact is still being felt in photography today and has been identified as a turning point in American photographic history. Garry Winogrand

  • How Will Historians Remember The 21st Century?

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    How will historians remember the 21st Century? I believe that it will be known, when the dust has finally settled, as the Century of the End of Work. Let me explain. A number of authors think (1) that we are entering an economy in which, due to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing, the marginal cost of most manufactured items will fall close to zero. Consider software: while Windows 10 cost millions of dollars to develop, the cost to Microsoft to pushing out another copy

  • The 1986 West End Production

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    Chess Jarrett Winters Morley (For the purposes of this essay, I will be focusing on the 1986 West End production instead of the 1988 Broadway production.) Chess is an original musical with music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, with book and lyrics by Tim Rice. The story follows an unexpected relationship between a Soviet chess grandmaster and a woman who manages his opponent during the World Chess Match in Bangkok, Thailand. The significance of the World Chess match in this story is tremendous

  • Smarter Than Hum Why Robots Will- And Must Take Our Jobs

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    Albert Einstein declared “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” It is important to remember that Einstein said this long before all of the technological developments we know today. If he could see how far we have progressed, his proclamation would most likely be even more urgent. Many people share the fear of technology overtaking humans. Two authors, Clive Thompson, who wrote “Smarter than You Think” and Kevin Kelly, who wrote “Better than Human: Why Robots

  • Friendship And Family In Ship Breaker By Paolo Bacigalupi

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    In life, some have friends and family who remain important even when the relationship ends in pain. Some learn in life that not everyone is honest or loyal and some learn to overcome toxic things and how to see the people who care, love and have our back. There's a struggle seen in Ship Breaker written by Paolo Bacigalupi. The novel is set in America’s coast region in a post- apocalyptic future and is written in the third person but the readers also see part of Nailers perspective. Nailer is a teenage

  • The Image Of Blood In A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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    Ishmael Beah has been through just about everything a soldier in can experience while in war, and he wants to show how war is not a good solution. If we do not take what he says into account, loved ones may be taken from us and have to experience what he once did as a soldier. Or worse, our loved ones could be killed by one of the many destructions caused by war. The blood shed on the battlefields of war could be our own if people don’t listen to what Beah is trying to tell about war. Beah uses the

  • Yharnam Research Paper

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    The city of Yharnam, a place of healing and miracles, is the destination of many foreign travellers seeking blood healing. The legend says that some type of sacred blood is used to help cure any type of ailment. And so it is that many travellers set sail to seek the sacred city and its great cathedral. In the beginning, the city was ruled by the royal family in Cainhurst. The castle was accessible only through a bridge that connects to Hemwick, a small village by the west of Yharnam. The

  • Gary Kasparov As Robots Replace Old Jobs New Jobs

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    The issue focused on is Artificial Intelligence, A very dissentious topic. Technology over the past decade, has significantly improved, enhanced, and augmented to assist people in their Education,Crime and Emergencies, Science,Healthcare ,and Businesses. The introduction and integration of the internet to our lives during the late 1900s, Forever transformed the way students obtain their information. Teachers and Professors use Microsoft Power Point to teach a class; Power Point presentations replace