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  • Creative Writing: Recovering The Gem

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    never gotten this difficult. Ever since the Gem was stolen, our Kingdom has fallen apart. The once tall, magnificent redwood trees protecting wildlife and hope now wither, with its discolored, curling leaves piled on the ground surrounding them. The distant sun situates our kingdom in a bath of darkness most of the day. Now, it was my job to save the kingdom. President Huckleberry, leader of the kingdom, selected me to go on an expedition to retrieve the gem. My eyelids began to shut, when a familiar

  • Welcoming Doom Chapter 13 Creative Writing

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    and the wizard casted Sleeper on us for us to sleep that long,” Standing up Charger added. They said there was a gem that was orange underground and had the ability to give someone the world most incredible archery skills and combat skills. Now they could actually get the gem because the war is over they can get it, but not without a fight because the skeletons have protected the gem for eternity and there are archers with superb accuracy. The archers are called Zinkos, and Phoenix and Sparty brought

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of Angelina '

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    The very next day Angelina was back to her oh happy go lucky self. Everyone was glad especially Demitrius. Class went as usual, but this time Angelina and Demitrius didn 't sit next to each other in Greek class. Both him and her didn 't want to repeat the incident that happened the other day. He wanted to remain close to her, but not that close. Today was a half day, so the bell rings dismissing the student for their weekend break. The Five friends gathered around each others cars. “What you got

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    difficult prior to 3017. Our Kingdom has been crumbling since the disappearance of the Gem, a magical stone that extends its powers to the protection of the Kingdom. The once tall, magnificent redwood trees protecting wildlife and hope now wither, with its discolored, curling leaves piled on the ground surrounding them. President Huckleberry, the leader of the kingdom, selected me to go on an expedition to retrieve the gem; it was my job to save the kingdom. A familiar ring fills my ears as my eyelids began

  • Great Dungeon Malphas Essay

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    rustling the knee length grass that covered most of the visible floor. In the center of this paradise was a gem. It was so large it reached into the clouds and its base was buried in the floor. The clouds never actually touched the gem and instead formed rings around it. This was Malphas, or at least his core being. Nothing in the known world could mimic the golden specks floating inside the lavender gem or the many sprites flitting to and fro around

  • Essay On The Ocean

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    her eye. There laid a gem on the floor just before her. Her feeble body shook in place, her knees slamming into each other, as she tried to stand only to fail. She pulled herself over to the gem and cradled it. The only sounds aside the ringing, she could make out, were her own

  • Who Leaves A Sapphire Lying On The Ground Essay

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    ground? I bent over to pick up the twinkling gem. It was large, easily the size of a quarter, so it must be expensive. I was no gemologist, but I did know that the larger the gem, the more pricey it was. I rolled it around in my fingers, letting the light from the street lamps catch in all of its facets. "Beautiful." I breathe. The dark blue of the sapphire almost seemed velvety, like the night sky. Too bad there weren 't any specs of silver in the gem. Then it would really resemble the night sky

  • Gems Case

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    1. Analyze overall challenges of GEMS in 2002 a. Technological change: + Genomics and healthcare information technology such as Digital Imaging, Electronic Patient Records and Disease Management Systems make personalized medicine and personalized diagnostics possible. Moreover, healthcare practice move from cure to prevention. These changes require expertise in biomedical sciences rather than in engineering and physics; and also investment, collaboration with pharmaceutical companies which facilitate

  • Books Are Gems

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    Books Are Gems is a non-profit children’s bookstore that offers a variety of programs to inspire children to read and be successful with their education. The bookstore also works with many local organizations within the El Paso community, to help empower children and families to read books. Many of the programs offered here at Books Are Gems include: educator support, parent story time classes, Rx to read, major book distribution, 6 free books, story time, and volunteer opportunities. During my

  • A Gem

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    Enter your Student Registration No: 1528707 Name of the Company COKE |Particulars |2014 |2013 |2012 | |Share Capital |30,320,000  |33,173,000   | 32,790,000  | |Reserves and Surplus |1,760,000   |1,760,000