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    Recommendations and Action Plan to bring about the changes needed at General Motors INTRODUCTION This research paper presents some recommendations and a related action plan to address the strategic changes which are deemed crucial to the survival of General Motors (GM). An overview of the contemporary situation at the corporation is provided in this section of the paper, which is then followed by specific recommendations and a strategic plan of action to bring about the changes which are necessary

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    SWOT analysis of General Motors This is a General Motors Company SWOT analysis for 2013. For more information on how to do SWOT analysis please refer to our article. Company background General Motors Company (GM) is a corporate that designs, builds and sells cars and trucks. Name Industries served Geographic areas served Headquarters Current CEO Revenue Profit Employees Main Competitors General Motors Company Automotive Worldwide U.S. Daniel Akerson $ 152.3 billion (2012) $ 4.9 billion (2012)

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    General Motors Introduction General Motors Corporation, hereafter referred to as GM, has an impressive history spanning over 100 years. According to GM 's website, GM is the "global industry sales leader since 1931," and their sales are representative of such a business. GM has a responsibility to its stakeholders to remain competitive and profitable. With the decline in the economy dating back to approximately year 2000 and the impact of rising fuel prices, GM found itself in a struggle to

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    Internationalization of General Motors This paper examines the expansion of General Motors overseas in its various phases, as well as triggers for internationalization and the problems faced during the process. The paper also considers what benefits have been achieved through international growth, and how the company can be classified with regards to Bartlett and Ghosal’s 4 typologies. Finally, the paper discusses the concept of a “world car,” meeting the demands of customers across the globe. General Motors

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    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY General Motors is primarily engaged in automotive production and marketing and financing and insurance operations. GM designs, manufactures, and markets vehicles worldwide, have its largest operating presence in North America. The core competence of General Motors is innovation. This is the driving force behind its $190 above turnover. General Motors has been utilizing innovation in service ad technology to secure itself a dominant position in the automobile industry, since 1908

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    10-K Analysis Project For General Motors Company Daniel Caicedo Thursday 12:00 P.M. – 1:20 P.M. MAN 4720-0022 General Motors Company Regina Taylor The AAA’s Team 8 September 29, 2011 1. Political Statement: “Any increases in the price of oil in the U.S. or in our other markets or any sustained shortage of oil, including as a result of political instability in the Middle East and African nations, could weaken the demand for

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    History of General Motors The Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, is General Motors ' world headquarters. General Motors Corporation, also known as GM or GMC, is the world 's second largest car manufacturer based on annual sales. Founded in 1908, in Flint, Michigan, GM employs approximately 284,000 people around the world. With global headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, USA, GM manufactures its cars and trucks in 33 countries. Their European headquarters is based

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    MGX 9660 - International Business Theory and Practice Case n°10: The Collapse of General Motors PHAM Trang (23283300) REBOURG Malcolm (23625678) YAO Aileen (20460996) 1 Table of Contents I - Introduction………..………...………………………………………….….….p 3 II - What are the internal and external factors that contributed to GM’s decline and eventual bankruptcy protection application?……………….....….p 4  Internal Factors...………….……..…………………………...……….……….…p 4  Extenal Factors……….…..…………………………..………

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    Background: General Motors (GM) is a major US-based automotive company based in Detroit founded on September 16, 1908 by William C. Durant and Charles Stewart Mott. It is one of the largest automotive manufacturers and vehicle parts in the world. Both US and International companies like Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Volvo, and BMW are the major competitors for General Motors (Wikipedia). General Motors led global vehicle sales for 77 consecutive years from 1931 through 2007, longer than any other automaker

  • General Motors Diversification

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    same as extensions. When British Aerospace bought Rover, wondrous guff was babbled about the transfer of aerospace technology to car manufacture. If any such transfer took place, it was totally insignificant. Similar false claims were made by General Motors when it diversified into computer services and electronic defence systems by buying, respectively, Electronic Data Services and Hughes Aircraft. Both buys, however, proved to be enormous successes, earning GM large profits both from operations