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  • Critical Analysis Of The Glass Castle

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    “After a traumatic experience, the human system of self preservation seems to go into permanent alert, as if the danger might return at any moment” (Judith Lewis Herman). The psychoanalyst Lewis Herman describes how encountering agonizing pain causes individuals to become more cautious as a result. The psychoanalytic lens is based on Freudian theories and asserts that “ people’s behavior is affected by their unconscious:...the notion that human beings are motivated, even driven, by desire, fears

  • Eggshell Lab Report

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    The purpose of this lab is to grow geodes on the inside of a cracked eggshell. The lab will show us how the crystals are formed in a much shorter amount of time compared to the thousands of years that it takes to form a real geode. The eggshell will represent the hard mineral shell of a geode and the alum powder will represent the minerals that form the crystals in a geode. The independent variable in this experiment is the eggshell and the dependent variable is the alum powder. During the experiment

  • Symbols In The Glass Castle

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    life happy. It stands to mention that the novel is full of symbols which contribute to reader's understanding of Jeanette's character and represent her most important traits and desires. Besides, all the symbols such as the fire, the Joshua tree, the geode and the glass castle are recurring and contribute to understanding the struggle of Jeanette's childhood, her ability to overcome it and build a successful life. Fire is an important symbol in the novel as it occurs frequently there. It

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    It rained all day today, the clouds were as black as ink and the sky was covered by these ink clouds made it so more gloomy. It was pouring down, but no one seemed to mind under their umbrellas and their large bulky coats and jackets compiled onto them while it makes its way to their necks seemingly making their necks stiff. It made sense that no one minded the rain. It was a funeral, after all, and there stood underneath his father’s umbrella Dramedur. He stood there expressionless, staring

  • The Indian Mounds Rock And Mineral Club At Rogers Plaza

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    1. Attend a Gem & Mineral Show such as the one sponsored by the Indian Mounds Rock and Mineral Club at Rogers Plaza on April 9-11. Hours are 9:30am-9pm Thursday and Friday, till 7pm on Sat. Plan at least 1 hour to browse through. Only bring what you can afford to spend (and think Christmas gifts). a. How did you apply knowledge you’ve learned in this geology class while you toured the show? I used my knowledge from class when I was looking at all the different rocks and minerals. I knew the

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Tucson, Arizona

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    We have a bit of difficulty understanding each other, but it is fun being with them. They show us amethyst and citrine and clear quartz and geodes of all sizes. We are fascinated by a geode statue of huge stones holding onto each other. We ask how much this blue, aqua, and white statue costs, and the answer is $5,000. Nearby are little stones costing less than $1. Well, that difference in price means that anyone

  • The Core Causing Disasters

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    In the movie The Core directed by Jon Amiel, the Earths core has stopped spinning causing disasters all over the world. The Golden Gate Bridge collapsed and kills hundreds, in Boston, 32 people with pacemakers suddenly drop dead, in London Birds cannot fly straight therefore they fly recklessly into cars causing them to crash and in Rome the Coliseum comes tumbling down. Without the Earths magnetic core spinning disasters are happening all over the world and within the year the core will collapse

  • Austin Phillips

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    must not, cannot and will not ever harm the sheep” (Grossman 2). Austin simply does not have the ability to harm people, animals, plants, or even rocks. For example, we went geode hunting this summer and naturally, when we were finished, we smashed them to see the crystals inside. For most, this is the most exciting part of geode hunting, but Austin found it to be unbearable. He could not smash the rocks because he claimed, “it hurt [his] feelings”. However, when it comes to innocent people, Austin

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Cosmetologist

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    biology. I would put that stethoscope on everything. My animals weren’t excluded from this, even the hamster. That one was a bit difficult. But when I aged my career interests jumped around for a little bit. I was interested in rock formations; I love geodes. I also love crystals and gemstones. I have a small collection. I liked the thought that you can go though the layers of the Earth and I “see” the past, but also predict the future behaviors of the Earth from what you found in the patterns of the

  • William Least Heat-Moon's From Blue Highways

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    William Least Heat-Moon’s “From Blue Highways” portrays the solution to Heat-Moon’s mid-life crisis, making the story’s primary purpose self-expression. Heat-Moon’s journey to find out more about the town Nameless teaches him valuable life lessons that have the potential to help him out of his mid-life crisis. On the road to Nameless, Heat-Moon encounters a factory worker who farms to remember the humble past. Heat-Moon asks if the factory worker ever “‘wish[es] it was still the old way’” to which