Georges Bataille

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  • Essay on An Analysis of George Bataille's The Story of the Eye

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    An Analysis of George Bataille's The Story of the Eye ...awareness of the impossibility opens consciousness to all that is possible for it to think. In this gathering place, where violence is rife, at the boundary of that which escapes cohesion, he who reflects within cohesion realizes that there is no longer any room for him (Theory of Religion 10). When Georges Bataille first published The Story of the Eye in 1928, anonymously and "in a limited edition of 134 copies" (Lechte 118), he had

  • Eroticism and Mortality in Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 Essay

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    Eroticism and Mortality in Shakespeare's Sonnet #73 William Shakespeare's sonnet cycle is famous with its rich metaphorical style.  The depth of each sonnet comes from its multilayered meanings and images, which are reinforced by its structure, sound, and rhythm.  Sonnet #73 provides an excellent example.  This sonnet shows the speaker's agony over human mortality and, moreover, his/her way of coping with it in an effective way.  The speaker, especially in terms of his cognizance of time

  • The Virtues of Apathy Essay

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    sexually attractive than the living. Bataille uses this estranged character to perform actions that should be everyday; however, the nature of the character performing the actions unfamiliarizes them. A perfect example of this is when the character is sitting down for an evening meal at a pleasant restaurant. Instead of finishing the meal and his conversation with the woman sitting next to him, the character violently stabs the woman in the leg with his fork (Bataille 39). Such an action is completely

  • Difference Between Foucault And Barthes

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    background in assessing the author on the other hand, which he considered "tyrannical". According to Barthes' statement from the essay "History or Literature?" in on Racine, proves the above - mentioned argument, in which he initially assumed that text is a "grave" of author when text came out, then the reader was born which is also stated in the "the Death of the Author", then Barthes criticised that old critic considered author "genius" meaning that the creator is so sophisticated. He also signified

  • The History Of Sexuality, Volume 1, By Michel Foucault

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    In Part V of The History of Sexuality, Volume 1, Michel Foucault documents the historical shift from a sovereign power concentrated in death to a normalized, institutionalized regulation of life focused in part on the control of sexuality. He argues that this movement marks not only a reconceptualization of the living subject as a valuable source of both labor and production but also a new political interest in sex as a site of surveillance, classification, and management. Individuals in the contemporary

  • Carnivalesque Grotesque Analysis

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    This essay will investigate wither the principles of Carnival Grotesque during the time of Francois Rabelais' writing still provide a function to berate and liberate us from current societal prohibitions. It draws upon evaluating the writings of Georges Bataille’s Base Materialism and Jean Baudrillard’s critique of consumerist capitalism - specifically that of advertising - to be utilised as a vessel in understanding wither notions of the grotesque can still berate and liberate us from current social

  • Michael Foucault's Different Forms of Power Essay

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    Michael Foucault's Different Forms of Power Michael Foucault distinguishes between two different and distinct forms of power, disciplinary and sovereign. Fouccault describes disciplinary power as the new type of power in the modern civilization. The use of disciplinary power transpired in the 17th and 18th century, and it used specific procedures such as distributing individuals into space, controls of activity, observation, judging, and examination, to regulate the people. The first way

  • Persuasive Articles About Gun Control Essay

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    exaggerate an aspect of something, known as "intensify." While the second is to discredit it, which is referred to as "downplay." Al Franken, Jeffrey Snyder, Harlan Ellison, and George Will, have all written persuasive articles about gun control. In reading all of the various articles on gun control by authors, I found George F. Will's The Last Word to be the most persuasive. Will wrote his piece about

  • Transformative Power Of Travel

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    Then, Roger gives a face to the name George Kaplan by stepping into George Kaplans hotel room, and essentially into his life. Everyone around him slowly fails to recognize Roger as Roger, but as George. His face is even plastered on the newspapers as murder, George Kaplan. Policemen see his face and recognize him as George Kaplan, not Roger. With this absolute new identity, Roger is forced to notice the manipulative behaviors that

  • My Reflection On My Mother Essay

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    how selfless, and how loving she is. My mom has gone through a lot to get where she is today. I will begin by telling you a little bit about my mom’s background. My mom grew up outside of George with her parents, Harris and Bev Kaster, and her three siblings, Erik, Brad, and Kristy. She attended George High School when they were still Blue Jays. My mom was involved in a lot of different activities. She was in the play, large group and individual speech, a cheerleader, played the drums in band