Georgetown University

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  • The History Of Georgetown University

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    Georgetown University is located in a historic neighborhood in the nation’s capital. It is known that Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit University and one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, and its goal is to prepare the next generations of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world. The community of Georgetown is interested in remarkable individuals who are willing to make a difference in the world. The ability to pay is not a part of the criteria

  • Georgetown University Application Essay

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    Though I am currently undecided in my major, I know that regardless of what I choose, Georgetown University will offer me the opportunities, support, and teaching excellence to succeed. What first drew me to Georgetown University was the focus on academic excellence; not only will I be able to learn in-depth about my chosen area of study from prominent and engaged professors, but I will also be able to nourish my mind across the disciplines. One of my goals is to be able to not only study in my chosen

  • Georgetown University

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    Georgetown University is one of the world's driving academic and examination foundations, offering a stand-out educational issue that prepares the best in class time of overall occupants to lead and have any sort of impact on the planet. We are an enthusiastic gathering of extraordinary understudies, staff, graduated class and specialists focused on certifiable usages of our examination, gift, certainty and organization. Set up in 1789, Georgetown is the nation's most settled Catholic and Jesuit

  • Why I Want To Go To Georgetown University

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    up, the end goal in my education was Georgetown University. My plan to get accepted was that I would study hard, take difficult classes, and participate in impressive extracurriculars. However I did not get accepted as planned. Ever since I started the school year I avoided Georgetown’s campus out of a fear of confronting my unattained dream. I thought that if I went to Georgetown’s campus I would feel like an outsider. Entering the gates to the University gave me anxiety. The first thing I noticed

  • Georgetown University Scholarship Essay

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    I chose to apply to Georgetown University School of Medicine for several reasons that I think will allow me to become a well-prepared physician. I envision myself working in primary care in underserved communities and what Georgetown University School of Medicine aims to train their students to be medical professionals with empathy and respect are qualities that I am looking for as a prospective medical student from a medical school’s mission and vision. The more than one hundred and fifty years

  • College Admissions Essay: The Value Of A College Life

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    ranked schools in the country, and having a successful Division 1 Men's Basketball team. Georgetown is also a very intercultural school with 11% of students being international. A drawback is that the campus only has one dining hall and other off campus options are expensive. The area surrounding the campus is home to high end shopping and various other forms of entertainment such as festivals and concerts. Georgetown has 179 students organizations and clubs including seven a Capella groups and a grilling

  • A Beautiful Day In My Life

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    annoyingly stood in the doorway of my room, rapidly clapping her hands to wake me up. “How late were you up last night?” she questioned as she resiliently clapped. “Applications and essays,” I told her as I rolled out of bed. “Still working on Georgetown.” “Georgetown?! It’s already been three weeks!” “I know, I know. I’m putting a lot of effort into this. After all, this is my life, is it not? Although this is a lot of work...” She looked at me as if I had some sort of careless attitude. She was right

  • Culture of Critique Essay

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    of appearing on a television talk show. The two stories are primarily intended as an emotional appeal, encouraging the audience to relate personally, but they also help the readers identify Tannen as a credible authority. Additionally, Tannen, a University professor and Doctor of

  • Jesuit Values In Daily Life

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    diverse community, fosters an ideal habitat to grow as an intellectual and an individual. It is important to me that I attend a university that challenges me academically so I am able to gain insight on diverse topics. The opportunity to take classes in colleges like the Walsh School of Foreign Service and the McCourt School of Public Policy, in addition to my classes in Georgetown College, would allow me to be best prepared to make educated decisions on a wide range of subjects. Hands on experience in

  • Admissions Essay To Attend Georgetown University

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    foreign affairs is what motivated me to apply to Georgetown University and now to attend the Université de Strasbourg. As a sophomore French major and Arabic minor, I have always been passionate about the interactions among languages, cultures, and nations. My classes at Georgetown have only strengthened my linguistic passion by inspiring me to expand my horizons with each lesson or homework assignment. My favorite French class thus far at Georgetown, for example, emphasized the importance of researching