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  • The Teacher Has Never Trusted Me With Harold

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    This week has been a total suck-fest, up until now. The teacher has finally trusted me with Harold. To be more specific, Harold is a two-pound, completely overweight, greyish brown gerbil. In order to justify his extreme weight, you’d have to explain that Harold had a disorder where he had to eat every four hours (real thing), and exclusively with Snausages (Probably not a real thing [the having to be fed with part not the snausages]). And my teacher has trusted me with Harold for the three-day weekend

  • A Visit From The Goon Squad

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    Within the short story The School by Donald Barthelme and the novel A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan the characters all undergo difficult life situations that ultimately helps them find themselves and happiness in life. The young students within The School are surrounded by constant death, their fear of the future and death stops them from fulling enjoying life. “The class took it pretty hard, they began (I think, nobody ever said anything to me directly) to feel that maybe there was

  • Avian Plague Thesis

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    Tom Gordon, Connor Kirschbaum Thesis: Throughout history humans have dealt with many diseases and plagues, some of these were the Bubonic Plague (the Black Death) in mid 1300’s, the Avian Flu which started in 1878 and the Swine Flu which started in the 1918. People have been discovering the causes for these plagues and diseases. They found out that animals such as Rodents for the Bubonic Plague, birds for the Avian Flu and pigs for Swine flu were vectors for diseases. The Bubonic Plague was a epidemic

  • Alteration of p53, p53 Family Proteins and Their Isoforms by H Pyroli in Gastric Cancer

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    Alteration of p53, p53 family proteins and their isoforms by H pyroli in gastric cancer p53 is the most studied tumor suppressor protein involved in the negative regulation of cell cycle and prevention of tumorigenesis . P53 induction usually occurs during cellular stresses like DNA damage or activation of other oncogenic proteins. P53 transcribes its target genes like p21,PUMA through p53 response element and halts the cell cycle until the stress is overcome, if not severely damaged cells

  • The Deadly Black Death Plague Of Europe

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    Background Information The deadly Black Death plague of Europe arrived in 1346 A.D. , during the middle ages from the Middle East as commonly thought and was also known by other names such as “the pestilence .“ The infectious deadly bacteria moved rapidly within Europe accounting for approximately 50% of mortality while disseminating northward along major trade routes of ships, lasting until the early 1350’s (Ross, 2015). The plague presented before traditional existence when living

  • Summary Of The School By Donald Barthelge

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    frightened as the kids, took on the responsibility to be courageous and grants the students their request, allowing the children to hope for better times and future happiness. In this instance, the possibility of prosperity arrives in the form of “the new gerbil” (Barthelme

  • Why We Shouldn T Animals Be Used In Research

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    wrong in every way. You would be sad or mad and act out just like some of the animals that are being tested on. Scientists are ruining our food chain by doing research on animals by testing on rats, mice, or gerbil. What this means to our food chain is when all the mice, rats, and gerbils are gone what will the snakes eat? Then if the snakes have nothing to eat then they will die. Also when animals go extinct this mess with our food chain. There are also other animals that eat snakes so if the

  • Essay The School: Postmodernist Ideas

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    The School: Postmodernist Ideas Barthelme's "The School" is the first postmodernist story I have ever read. When I read it for the first time, my lips formed a bitter smile. In my imagination, postmodernist stories differed from the classical ones in the arrangement of the ideas and in the standard that postmodernists reject society. True, “The School” does differ in composition, for example the absence of introduction, but though it sounds somewhat comical, it does also have an incorporated

  • We Must First Ask, What Is Bioethics?

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    Before going in depth with the viewpoints and opinions involved in the topic of bioethics, we must first ask, what is bioethics? Well, bioethics is the studying of a topic that has aspects that are controversial both legally, and morally. There is a line between what experiments or studies are legal, and what is morally proper and ethical. Scientists take on a role and are responsible for the proper use of their power and ability to manipulate parts of the human body. We have these ethical standards

  • Home Is Where the Heart Is

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    Home is Where the Heart is Growing up in foster care kids never grow to understand the phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” This phrase isn’t making reference to a house or a tangible item in your life. An emotional connection you have with someone or something is what I believe home represents. The feeling of being secure, knowing you’ll be taken care of no mater what you say or do, and always feeling like your loved and wanted. Hundreds of kids have grown accustomed to the feeling of hopelessness