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  • Legal Rule Of Downstream Confusion

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    Gibson Guitar Corp. v. Paul Reed Smith Guitars, LP, 423 F.3d 539, 552 (6th Cir. 2005). Ferrari is distinguished from Gibson because in Gibson the court found that the two defendant’s products were not “clearly inferior” to the plaintiff’s product, which led to the court finding that post-sale confusion could not serve as

  • Saul Hudson

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    as slash by everyone, and he says that the only two people that call him by his first real name are, his mom and his doctor. Slash learned to play the guitar as a teenager with Robert Wolin, a teacher at Fairfax Music School but he soon lost interest in schoolwork and took up BMX racing, later he became more interested in playing the guitar and gave up his biking. In 1981, he joined his first band, known

  • Gibson Shred V Marketing Mix

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    The Gibson Flying V brand has many variations, and comes in styles that range from classic to contemporary. The line attempts to more or less corner the market on any hard rock and metal player's needs. One of the more contemporary versions of the guitar is the Gibson Shred-V. In this article, I'll take a close look at to see what it has to offer its potential owners. Features: The body of the Gibson Shred-V, like nearly every other Gibson on the market, is made of mahogany wood. They prefer this

  • Guitar Comparison

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    presence divides the human race. This seemingly natural rise of rivalry has found its place in the vast world of music, in particular, the electric guitar. Behold Fender and Gibson. Two brands that have blown the competition out of the water for more than half a century and become something much more than just a brand. Unlike other corporations, these two guitars have earned the respect and praise of the public; their dual monopoly is seen not as a negative, but as an opportunity to provide the world with

  • The Modern Day Guitar : The Invention Of The Guitar

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    The guitar is one of the most iconic instruments of all time and understandably so, the instrument has gone through many reinventions and has created endless possibilities in terms of new sounds. The modern day guitar is the result of thousands of years in the making, the oldest known depiction of a “guitar” dates back to the ninth century. However the guitar has not always had the iconic name, before guitars had a standard to be held to, many guitar like instruments were referred to as chordophones

  • The Electric Guitar : The Greatest Inventions Of The 20th Century

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    Introduction The electric guitar may be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Although the car, cell phone and personal computer have more of an impact on our day to day lives, the music created by the electric guitar has touched the lives of countless millions and has been the instrument of choice for more than 60 years of pop music. While other instruments have played their part in the formation of the modern rock group, the guitar remains the iconic symbol of the genre. Clapton,

  • Essay about The Guitar Solo

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    If someone mentions guitar solo to you, what comes to mind? A musical god commanding a stage? A puffy haired, spandex clad dude making silly faces? Do you see a duck walk? A burning guitar? The guitar as an instrument evokes so many feelings, even for those not musically inclined. The guitar solo, is also a topic of heated debates. What makes a good solo? Is it the ability to compliment a song, or to be a showcase for self-indulgence? And while the guitar solo seems synonymous with rock and roll

  • Social Darwinism in Cyberpunk Literature Essay

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    the story "Burning Chrome" by William Gibson illustrates the genre's theme of characters manipulating technology to survive. The protagonists of Gibson's story are Automatic Jack and Bobby Quine, a couple of hackers waiting for their big score to come through. They need the financial windfall quickly too, since Bobby is loosing his edge at the computer console and isn't getting any younger. "He was twenty-eight, Bobby, and that's old for a console cowboy," (Gibson 170). Jack's job is to simply keep

  • Led Zeppelin Essay

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    Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were never afraid to try new musical directions, drawing inspiration from such styles as blues, rock, folk, country (and everything in between!) to create a unique sound that almost defies description, probably the most appropriate way to describe their vast repertoire is simply as "Led Zeppelin". During their reign they created one of the most enduring and diverse catalogues in modern music and firmly secured their status as one of the most influential groups ever

  • Economics Text Book Chapter Summaries

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    The following chapter summaries are mostly based on the McConnell & Brue text “Economics- 16th Ed.” Details available at note .. arrow means “leads to,” “results in,” “causes” Chapter 1 – The Nature and Method of Economics Economics is the study of scarcity and choice Key concept- opportunity cost: for a person to get more of one thing... he/she must forego getting something else e.g. to get food must