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  • Short Story : The Gingerbread Man

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    This is a story that was created in May 1875. The story is The Gingerbread Man, it is consider a fairy tale. The story has been updated throughout the years. Back in the day it was told as a tale believed to make kids stay at home and away from strangers. It was also had many cultural belief that do not exist at this time.     In order to understand the fairy tale we must first understand the significance of the oven in Europe back in 1875. The oven itself was a sacred space throughout most of Europe

  • The Gingerbread Man Story

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    The fractured fairy tale on gingerbread man Once upon a time there was an old couple in a farm house, they decided to make 3 gingerbread men one of them were in a tuxedo and another was in a bored shorts and the other one wore a pair of jeans and a top. The gingerbread men ran as a cheater and they had jumped like a kangaroo and they had. They stayed in a fancy house and they had a big oven where they cook all the gingerbread men. They had a lot of money to buy the ingredients. When they had

  • Hidden Values Of Fairy Tales

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    Not all fairy tales are created equal, and not all of them are chockablock with pretty princesses, brave knights, evil witches and mean goblins. Read them with an open mind, and you'll see that fairy tales are fascinating tools to teach values and critical thinking to your children. Have you ever wondered why fairy tales are always in vogue, even with their gory violence, shallow characters and unbelievable storylines? When you look closely at them, you can find some sort of wisdom hidden underneath

  • Descriptive Essay On A Christmas Walker

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    The other day my mom came home from the store with the usual armful of cardboard bags. However, there was something very different about one bag that separated it from all of the others. My mom asked me to unload the items and organize them into their awaiting shelves. Their contents contained typical groceries such as cereal, some new herbal teas, and a fresh bottle of dish detergent. But, this special bag carried a large Yankee candle encased in glass and embellished with a large sticker reading

  • Summary : Fairy Tales And Multicultural Literature

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    the same shape. This book is for ages 3-5. 26. Schmidt, Karen. The Gingerbread Man. New York City, New York: Scholastic Inc. Publishing Co. 1985. Print. This fun tale is still a favorite and has engaged children throughout the past years. The repetition and remembering are part of this story. The favorite line in the story is “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man,” has the children repeating on each page. The gingerbread outwits many characters in the story until he reaches the fox and

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    Coolness, night sky, outside, fireflies, moonlight, chasing and playing tag with her sister, up until her sister poofed into dust, still hearing laughter as everything seemed to be watered down and dripping. The fireflies seeped into goo, the ground was shaking, the night sky’s stars were falling like raindrops, even the bits and chunks of the sky. She panicked, looking around, scared and confused. She kept hearing laughter, until everything was silent, until everything wasn’t moving, until everything

  • Descriptive Essay About Christmas

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    about the snowfall while my siblings and I bag. When the cashier gets to the ten, fist-sized bags of various candies, he pauses a beat. Then he continues, we are sure it’s not the weirdest thing he has seen. Mom explains that we are decorating gingerbread houses, that’s why we need so many kinds. It is clear to me that he did not necessarily want the backstory of our collection of sugar, but he nods anyway, in the perfect customer service way. After we have rung up, we head back home, fighting over

  • My Grandma In My Life : My Great Grandmas

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    memories together. The one that I remember the most is when we went over to where her she was staying and we brought things to make gingerbread houses. It took an hour to get there because it’s passed Wixom. She was staying in Maria’s house. That family would take care of her with medicine, food, and celebrated most of the holidays. In the car, we had the boxes of gingerbread house kits. My brother, Hunter who was 14 at the time was finally getting out of the house. Hunter always wanted to play on the

  • Essay The Inn in the Fall

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    The Inn in the Fall As visitors approach one of the most beautiful inns in North Carolina they will be serenaded by the rhythmic thumping of the tires as they cross each cobblestone. The inn is like a massive wall of rocks that looks to be touching the blue sky. The red tile roof looks like a red cloud sitting atop this castle of rocks. These rocks were placed over one hundred years ago and still stand in their exact spot. From the parking area you can almost imagine the horse drawn wagons that

  • Creating An Edible Gingerbread House

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    years, gingerbread houses have been made by families during Christmas season, as part of Christmas festivities. Families gather around the table go bake and decorate gingerbread houses and eat gingerbread cookies (Avey 2013). Some even participate in very competitive gingerbread house-making competitions. While these houses are very elaborate and take hours and hours of very hard work, basic gingerbread houses are very easy to make and decorate (Bauer). When creating an edible gingerbread house,