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  • Girlhood Movie Analysis

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    Assignment #2 In class we viewed documentary titled Girlhood, the film surrounded two teenage girls named Megan and Shanae. Both of the girls have been in the system for years, Megan has been in and out of juvenile detention centers and foster homes for years and is incarcerated this time for attacking one of the other youth at her foster home with a box cutter. Shanae was incarcerated at the tender age of 11 for stabbing a “friend” to death during a fight. The film focuses on getting to know the

  • Is The Sexualization Of Girlhood A Negative Influence On Women?

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    Eroticism is also created from the sexualization of girlhood, leading to the desires of older men (Kehily, 2012). The most notorious example of girlhood eroticism is the creation of the Lolita. The concept of the Lolita was created by author Vladimir Nabokov in his novel Lolita, a story about an older man whose obsession of a 12 year-old girls causes him to fantasize, lust, and eventually “groom” her into having an affair. This aided in the development of eroticism where girls can “appear simultaneously

  • The Zailckas Smashed : A Story Of A Drunken Girlhood

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    I decided to write my final paper on Koren Zailckas Smashed: A Story of a Drunken Girlhood. A memoir based on a young 14 year old girl who drinks for the first time with her friend Natalie before a birthday party. Her experiences with alcohol doesn’t stop there. We learn that she gets her stomach pumped at age 16, and at age 22, wakes up in an apartment in New York City unsure of where she is, because of alcohol. After this, she realizes that she has a problem and that she needs help. I chose this

  • Analysis : ' Taking Centre Stage ' Girlhood And The Contradictions Of Femininity

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    Mary Kehily (2008) acclaimed article, ‘Taking Centre Stage; Girlhood and the Contradictions of Femininity across Three Generations’ explores the manner in which societies conceptualization of femininity is largely contextually dependent. Through the tri-generational study of three women in the same family, Kehily (2008) provided readers with commentary on the three waves of feminism that consequently shape each generations sense of girlhood respectively. The narrative follows the shift from women as

  • Black And Black : Memories And Dreams Of Girlhood Essay

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    post Jim Crow era Chicago by black Americans. African American feminist bell hooks’ memoir “Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood” also uses symbolism to cover the topic of segregation. Her memoir uses brief passages to highlight certain memories and dreams of hers. For this essay, I will use “A Raisin in the Sun” for the topic of residential segregation, and “Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood” for hooks’ insight on education segregation. Both authors were part of the Black Arts Movement which is the artistic

  • An Analysis Of Mary Mccarthy's Memories Of A Catholic Girlhood

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    In Memories of a Catholic Girlhood, why do Mary McCarthy’s memories lack appropriate emotion? Mary has had so many bad things happen in her early life, yet she tells her stories of loss and abuse so casually. “Poor Roy’s children, as commiseration damply styled us, could not afford illusions in the family opinion. Our father had put us beyond the pale by dying suddenly of the influenza and taking our young mother with him, a defection that was remarked on with horror and grief commingled, as though

  • The Woman Warrior : Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts

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    In June 2015, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) made history by winning the gold medal at the Women’s World Cup. Not only was this a big accomplishment for American sports, as it was the team’s first championship win in 16 years, but the win was also a benchmark for female athletes in professional sports as it showed the potential of these athletes, but also showed many of the obstacles that are currently in their way. Despite having overcome milestones throughout the years in

  • Smashed: Story Of A Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas Essay

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    Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood is Koren Zailckas' account of life as an alcoholic. It traces her life from her first drink, when she was fourteen, to her last, at twenty-two; Smashed chronicles Zailckas' struggle with alcohol abuse, in an effort to explain the binge drinking phenomenon that plagues America's youth. When Koren was fourteen her friend Natalie found a bottle of Whiskey at Natalie's parents' cabin. This would be her first experience, of

  • Review Of Koren Zailckas 's ' A Drunken Girlhood '

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    Question 1: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas takes after Zailckas from her first drink as a fourteen year old to her last, not more than 10 years after the fact. The piece serves as a story for young adult carefully readrs, especially young ladies. While Zailckas claims that she is not a (person with a strong desire to drink alcohol), that she simply (treated or used as a part of a very mean, out of line route) liquor for more than ten years, the carefully readrs are tested to settle

  • The Woman Warrior : Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts

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    In Maxine Kingston’s memoir The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts--especially shown in the section “No Name Woman”, she describes the way her family has treated and expects her to treat her unknown, dead aunt and how this all correlates with herself as an individual. Kingston realizes the rift between the gender roles within the Chinese tradition and struggles to form her own opinion concerning this forgotten, dead family member and herself. Through the telling of her aunt’s complex