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  • Glass Of The Art Industry

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    udio glass in my eyes is a big part of the art industry as it has changed the view of a material that has been used for over 4000 years. Harvey Littleton was the founder of this movement and he also contributed too many artists who have worked with the studio glass movement throughout the years especially at the start. He taught hot glass in a garage on the grounds of the Toledo Museum of Art. At an American Crafts Council conference in 1959 they challenged Littleton to prove that hot glass was a

  • The Museum Of Glass Art Movement

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    Robert Clark Palusky, b.1942 Duluth, MN, is a pioneer in the contemporary glass art movement.   A prolific artist, Palusky 's career in glass spans four decades.  His work is featured in museums around the world and celebrated in many world class private collections. Most prominent show to date includes  Tête à Tête:  Figures Humaines  (Ten Masters in Glass) a show featuring Palusky along side Pablo Picasso, Salvidore Dali, and Jean Arp. Typically, in order to see Palusky’s artwork in person

  • Geometry And Art Of Stained Glass

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    and Art of Stained Glass From a church to a person’s home, there is stained glass all around us. Most people take a look at stained glass and just admire the beauty, but not the work that goes into it. The intense planning and preparations in deciding what to make and how to put it all together. Not until recently, there has been no real equation for stained glass, but that has changed. People can now use formulas and equations to take a part a piece of work. All over the world stained glass is known

  • Stained Glass Art Analysis

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    The piece of art that stuck out to me the most was the stain glass window about the virtues of love and charity. However, I am very biased towards this piece of artwork because I helped make it for our group window in Stained Glass. I really like this piece because I understand how much work and effort is involved in its creation. While Sr. Kelly picked the virtues of the window, love and charity, the creative process was entirely our own. We all brainstormed ideas of what these virtues looked like

  • Stained Glass : An Important And Innovative Form Of Art

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    Stained glass is an important and innovative form of art, that throughout the ages has grown in design, technique and been stretched to various cultures in the world. Stained glass illustrates stories by putting together pieces of colored glass into a mosaic form, to create a picture. Stained glass has existed for millenniums, and through its time the term “stained glass” is thought to be of reference to church windows and various other significant buildings. Traditionally, stained glass windows

  • Adversity In The Glass Castle, Art Spiegelman, And Mother To Son

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    Throughout the literary works of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Maus by Art Spiegelman, and “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, different characters deal with adversity differently. In The Glass Castle the characters must overcome family hardships. Likewise, Spiegelman writes about his father’s struggle during the Holocaust. Lastly, in “Mother to Son” the speaker informs her son about her own hardships she had to face. Challenges that characters face can impact them both negatively and positively

  • Stained Glass Art Process Analysis

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    Stained glass artists are talented and knowledgeable craftspeople who specialize in bringing all types of designs to life. To produce art that is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, artists employ a number of tools and techniques of the trade. Here is a brief (and simplified) summary of the process stained glass artists use to create the colorful designs seen in churches, government buildings, and private residences. Creating a Template Before an artist brings a work to life using small and large

  • Glass Blowing in the First Century

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    The production and creation of beautiful art pieces using glass only began after glass blowing was used in the First Century BC. Two unique artists have used this medium to create work that is both beyond its time and surpasses many other glass works. The first artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany, was the son of the founder of Tiffany and Company, Charles Lewis Tiffany. His work focuses on aesthetic beauty while encompassing the techniques he established throughout his career. The second artist, Beverly

  • Through The Looking Glass of Art Essay

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    What makes us human is the ability to recognize the good in other people and in turn recognize the good in ourselves. There is a saying that whatever you think about another person is just a reflection of what you think about yourself; it is like looking into a mirror. Paintings can act like mirrors as well; we can gaze into a painting and see the good of the subject being portrayed and in turn we can identify the same attributes within ourselves allowing us to relate to the subject matter. Both

  • Exhibition Review – Dale Chihuly, the Halcyon Gallery Essay

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    artist, born September 20th, 1941 who is known for his glass sculptures. One of his most well known pieces is the blue and green glass sculpture hanging in the front entrance of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (figure 1). His work has included over 200 museum collections worldwide, and I visited his exhibition in the Halcyon Gallery on New Bond Street in London on the 23rd of January 2012. The entire exhibition was made up of glass sculptures fitting into several different genres created