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  • I 'm Performing There Today

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    instantly went to the past, when it all began. Gwilan was walking on the rough dirt road, clutching her harp tightly in her arms, when Torm came by. Gwilan had heard of Torm before, as most of her neighbors

  • Sample Resume : Singing Wineglasses

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    wineglass proportional to the amount of water in the glass or the diameter of the glass? The purpose of my experiment is to test three wine glasses of different diameters and measure their frequencies while varying the height of the water for each glass. My end goal is to hopefully be able to determine whether or not the frequency emitted by the glass is proportionally related to the diameter of the wine glass, or the amount of water in the wine glass. Hypothesis: If I increase the amount of water in

  • Pros And Cons Of Therapeutic Robots

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    Medical technology has evolved, starting from the nineteenth century to further development of the medical technologies such as the diagnostic technology now being able to find the diagnosis of the patient by automatically recording the data of the illness. Doctors and other health professions are now able to prevent illnesses from getting worse; the evolvement of medical technology has further allowed us to help diminish certain health illness(es). For example, the therapeutic robots have been developed

  • Global Warming Is Not Only Affecting The Earth

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    Global warming is not only affecting the earth, but it is also affecting many animals at a very alarming rate. One species of animal that has been affected in a major way are seals. The species of seals consist of harp, hooded and ringed seals.The lives of seals are being threatened by the climate change that is happening throughout many arctic, antarctic regions, and other areas of the world. Due to climate change caused by global warming in the arctic and the antarctic regions, rapid ice loss has

  • The Relationship Between Nature and Love in The Aeolian Harp by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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    The Relationship Between Nature and Love in The Aeolian Harp by Samuel Taylor Coleridge "The Aeolian Harp," by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, has puzzled modern critics. The poem has many different readings, all of which are justifiable. "The Aeolian Harp" was composed on August 20, 1795. "This was a short period when Coleridge was happy in his approaching marriage (Harper)." "SARA" is the young lady he is supposed to soon marry. Throughout this poem Coleridge "speaks to his wife"

  • Biography Of Donald Grantham 's Music And Doctor Of Musical Arts

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    Unit 1: Composer Donald Grantham was born in Duncan, Oklahoma on November 9, 1947. He received a Bachelor of Music from the University of Oklahoma and both a Masters of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Southern California. He studied under French composer and pedagogue, Nadia Boulanger at the American Conservatory in France for two summers . The biography given from his personal website states: “Composer Donald Grantham is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes in composition

  • Roman Empire: Roman Bath Houses

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    or clear glass, which was one of the great breakthroughs in architecture and solar technology. (Links, 1999)The Romans discovered that transparent glass, acts as a solar heat trap, releasing sunlight into the desired space and holding in the heat so it increases inside. They built glass greenhouses so they could have fresh fruits and vegetables during the winter .The romans were one of the first to use the element as a design tool. This was one of the first of examples for using glass as a heat

  • The Rewarding Process of Glassblowing

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    job, it requires knowledge in what you’re doing and the skill to not harm yourself or others. Glass has a variety of unique properties. Glass is hard, very brittle, a good insulator, and does not react to other chemicals easily. In addition to this, glass is considered an amorphous solid. This means that the molecular structure of glass is mostly random. This is because in the process of making glass, glass is cooled so quickly that it does not have time to form or create a structure at the molecular

  • Google Glass : A Poorly Designed And Distracting Augmented Reality Device

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    Google Glass: A Poorly Designed and Distracting Augmented Reality Device According to the New York Times, from the time of it’s release in 2012, Google Glass went from being the hottest new wearable technology item, to one that users complained about and didn’t really see a use for (Bilton, 2015). Google Glass is an augmented reality device, which refers to virtual representations super imposed on physical objects or locations, that is primarily used by early adopters, deemed by Google as “Glass Explorers”

  • New Technology : High Efficiency Windows

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    advanced windows stop air leakage, cut drafts, reduce heat loss and minimize condensation”( Lastly, energy efficiency windows create a healthier environment for you and your family. High efficiency windows have warmer interior glass surfaces, which reduces the amount of condensation build on the windows.