Gliese 581

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    Bro, Can You Even Karate? 500 years ago, the human race and 42 alien races worked together to form The Gliese 581 Games*, a sports competition where alien species can compete side by side. Today is the first day of events. Everything in Mark’s life has led up to this moment. When Mark was eight years old he begged his parents to let him join karate. “No,” his mom, Clara said, “karate just isn’t practical any more, sweetie. It’s the 31st century- violent crime doesn’t occur anymore. When I was you

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    Amongst the many vast planets in our galaxies, with many different characteristics and attributes, there is just one that stands out in the midst of all the others, Corot-7B. This planet is the smallest exoplanet that has been found outside of our solar system that orbits another star. This fascinating planet has a bright yellow color and is about twice the size of Earth and practically flows lava and rocks. This planet has temperatures ranging from 3,300 to 4,700 degrees Fahrenheit, literally making

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    The idea of interstellar travel was explored methodically in order to answer why one would want to travel to other stars, where in space could humanity realistically travel to, what factors are preventing mankind from reaching these stars and how can they could be overcome. The inquisitiveness of the human mind and the fact that Earth will not be habitable forever is a substantial motivation in favour of interstellar travel. The main requirement for a habitable planet is that it is in the "Habitable

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