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  • A Utopian Society On A Small Remote

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    Thousands and thousands of years from now in a time when humans no longer walk the Earth, how will future beings know what their role in this large, vacant world should be? An imperative message that future people must discover and obey shall be their only way of knowing what once was, and what soon shall be, as long as they don’t mimic the actions of the Plutarch people. Future beings must heed the warnings of the Plutarch society and follow the guidelines set for them in this message, since the

  • Svalbard Seed Vault Thesis Statement

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    The Svalbard Global Seed Vault provides a safety net for the declining level of agricultural diversity around the world by saving “duplicates” of seeds in a highly protected environment. This is important because humans are becoming increasingly dependent on a decreasing number of crops, which makes us vulnerable to harvest failures, and could be a factor in the rise of diabetes and heart disease. The island of Svalbard is located about half-way between the North Pole and Norway, where the temperatures

  • Why Is Genetic Modification Is The Same Thing As Biotechnology

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    As of 2016, the current global population is 7.3 billion people. At the current rate of growth, the global population is anticipated to be approximately 9.7 billion people by 2050. In addition, this population is anticipated to eat more of a middle class diet. Which means more meat, grains, and protein in a person’s daily diet. The challenge that society faces today, is eating a more mainstream, middle class diet while also managing the affordability of food production and food purchase. Selective

  • Energy Choices Usa Vs. Brazil Essay

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    Energy Choices USA vs. Brazil There are about three universally used fuel sources for energy around the world which are: coal, oil, and natural gas. There has been a global increase in energy consumption throughout the world. Energy consumption is a topic that will impact the world. Greenhouse gasses are gasses that trap heat in the atmosphere, in turn, releasing carbon dioxide. This essay will discuss the common fuel sources, emissions, and total energy consumption by the United States and Brazil

  • Delta's Commitment To Diversity

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    Diversity in the Air According to, Delta Air Lines began in 1924 as a crop dusting operation and has since then grown into one of the world’s largest airline competitors. With it’s social and environmental dedication, Delta prides itself on the service of it’s community and family. Being one of the world’s largest global competitors in the airline industry, Delta has made great strides but not without it’s share of setbacks. Web Site Diversity Access Websites have become a hub to the

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Project - Ba 342 Sp15

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    established demand for employer-sponsored plans. In terms of safety and well being of their employees, Heinz believes that occupational health and safety is the most crucial element of good operational performances from the factory floor to their global offices. They provide obligatory safety training for all production employees and

  • Climate Change And Global Warming

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    rate, and global warming is more of a problem than most people could ever realize. Climate change, while being a natural occurrence, is happening at an alarming rate because of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions everyone emits in their everyday lives without even knowing it. Luckily, if enough people are aware of the consequences of their actions, the rate of increase in temperature has the potential to slow dramatically. If, however, people refuse to take steps to decrease global greenhouse

  • Locally Grown Food

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    Locally Grown Food COM/150 May 30, 2010 The consumer food movement has made terms like; fresh, natural, and organic everyday words. Now this same movement has brought a new word to the American lexicon; “Locavore.” In 2007, it was picked as the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary. By definition it means someone who prefers locally grown foods to foods commercially produced. The natural and organic food movements, always conscientious of food quality and environmental

  • The Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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    know what’s inside the tomato you just put on your salad? Do you care to know if that cheeseburger you just ate is not infused with liquid nitrogen?” There are no notices, no warnings and most definitely no labels. Genetically modified food (GMF, GM Crops, or Bio-Food) are the norm in America today. Some even say we are just another Human Experiment for our American Government. While others claim if it weren't for scientists and their experiments we would never have discovered genetics and DNA.

  • The Reality Of Global Warming

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    The Reality of Global Warming Temperatures are rising, natural disasters are becoming increasingly frequent, and the lives of millions of people are going in completely different directions. Sounds like some post apocalyptic wasteland, right? Contrary to many people’s beliefs, this is becoming a reality, and it is happening now. At the moment, greenhouse gases are entering the atmosphere at an alarming rate, and global warming is more of a problem than most people could ever realize. Climate change