Gloucester, Massachusetts

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    SUMMERTIME AND SPRING RAIN Upon first sight, it appears that John Sloan’s Spring Rain and Edward Hopper’s Summertime only common characteristic is that they are both oil paintings on canvas. Spring Rain, from the school of Impressionistic art, was painted in 1912. Summertime, which possesses a simplified, schematic style, was created over thirty years later, in 1943. Therefore, there are extreme differences in the two artists’ technique and style. However, despite these differences, the two

  • William Shakespeare 's Henry The Fourth : Part 1

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    Close Reading Essay Shakespeare’s Henry The Fourth: Part 1 is a powerful play that forces the reader to gain a deeper understanding about particular characters. One character who has a complex personality is Prince Henry The Fifth, also known as Hal or Harry. When reading Henry The Fourth: Part 1, it is difficult to determine if Hal’s intentions are pure or devious. He frequently takes part in acts that are considered unfit for a prince. For example, Hal associates himself with robbers and he does

  • Essay about Richard as an Anti-hero

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    perseverance, and is admired for their brave deeds as well as their noble qualities. Richard however, contradicts the character portrayal of a hero and demonstrates himself as the exact opposite: an anti-hero. The play opens up with Richard’s, (Duke of Gloucester) soliloquy: “I am determined to

  • My Story : My Tale

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    My life was one consisting of quite the amount of tragedies, however, as I tell my tale, I am careful in reminiscing of the delightful times that occurred throughout, despite all the burdensome moments I have endured. My story begins in the early twentieth century, when my parents birthed a healthy girl, a prepossessing little creature. I am delighted to say I had a merry childhood, as my wealthy parents raised me to be nothing short of whimsical, up until I reached my teenage years. My Christian

  • Mark Of The Beast : Physical Deformity In Richard III

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    More, one that is disputed by Susan E. Lee’s “Richard III’, Shakespeare, and History”- focuses on Richard’s worldly rise to power at the exchange of virtue as he offers up each kill as a sacrifice towards his rise. The idea is that the Duke of Gloucester has the mark of the beast-- physical deformity-- and therefore was born sinful and is predisposed to evil deeds. Ian Frederick Moulton, author of “‘A Monster Great Deformed’: The Unruly Masculinity of Richard III” argues that it is more than Richard’s

  • Salem Witch Trials Research Paper

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    Salem Village, Massachusetts. A group of young girls, who claimed to be possessed by the devil, began accusing a few women of witchcraft, which caused hysteria among the people in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Approximately 150 people were convicted of practicing witchcraft, 19 were hanged at Gallows Hill, and others died in captivity (“Salem Witch Trials”). These tragic events lead to the convictions of many innocent people in Salem Village and later in Salem Town, Ipswich, Gloucester, and other towns

  • The Changes that Came About after the American Revolution

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    After the American Revolution, Americans, who were free of British control, started to reevaluate politics, the economy and society. The American Revolution changed American considerably politically because Americans rely on democracy rather than monarchy, socially because the roles of certain social groups experienced a nuance change, and economically because the Americans freed themselves from having to send their raw materials to England and created their own currency. With these changes also

  • Essay on The Townshed Act and the Boston Massacre

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    The Townshend Act and the Boston Massacre Whenever the colonies were being established there were always issues, much like today. They worried about over taxation, jobs, money, their children, and many other things. Things haven’t really changed other than some of our morals. Back in the 1770’s many men in power were selfish and cared for nothing but money. Granted, some people make the argument that America is still that way, but we know it’s not all true. Way back when, America was still mainly

  • Happenings in Colonial America

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    The forests provided excellent natural resources such as timber and animal fur that attracted settlers and investors alike. In fact, a third of the England’s vessels came from colonies of Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The natural environment that consisted of harbors and other bodies of water made trading an ideal part of the New England economy as well. The instances of economic development demonstrates how even the extremely pious society needed substantial

  • Impact of Religion on American History to 1877

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    Protestants. Combined into one movement for illustration, it was one of the most significant events in the development of land and politics in the United States (Kerber, 1990). It began in the 1730’s and 1740’s. Pastor Jonathan Edwards, from Massachusetts, started the Great Awakening by affirming the need for God’s grace. He emphasized the need for dependence on grace instead of works alone. Edwards’ doctrine was further expanded by the exuberant preaching of George Whitehead. He led numerous