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  • A Narrative Story : A Story Of A Narrative Story

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    Narrative Story It all began with a simple Phone call one night after dinner. “Matt,” my Father Hollered up the stairs, “it’s for you. It’s Joy, and she sounds upset.” As I came downstairs to pick up the phone, I was not happy. I was tired and had looked forward to a nice quiet evening at home, not another stupid adventure with Joy. Thirty minutes later, however, Joy’s silver Mustang convertible swung into our driveway, and Joy was leaning on the horn before the car came to a full stop. Grabbing

  • Descriptive Essay About A Fair Party

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    Gracie, Kenzie, Cody, and Ethan were behind me getting ready for Nick to kick. I pitch nick the ball then “wham!” The kickball went right into Gracie’s face. It hit her pretty good. We took a timeout until we decided to go back to the camper and do something else. When we got back there about a hour left until the concert was over. “ Do you

  • I Have A Pretty Good Life

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    I have had a pretty good life. I was born healthy and I have friends, family, and everything I really need. I’m a petite, sixteen-year old, white, girl with deep brown eyes and golden brown hair. For the most part, these are things I cannot change. I have a complex and colorful personality with a depth that most people hardly see. Who I am comes from all the people I have met, all the places I have been, and all the times I have had to restart. I did not get to have a say; it was decided for me

  • The Worst Nightmare - Original Writing

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    Shivers I hear heavy breathing outside the closet door, so I think the monster knows I 'm here. I guess I should catch you up. I 've been hiding in this closet for hours, and I 'm writing this in case I don’t make it out of here alive. Every night for the past 2 weeks I 've been hearing noises, and 3 nights ago I saw it. I woke up to the noises as usual, but instead of finding nothing there, I saw a terribly gruesome figure. It seemed like it had been human at some point, but it were nothing

  • The Puzzle Of I Will Go Back Home

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    Since arriving and taking the hard decision to stay in USA, I have been dreaming and envisioning the moment I will go back home. This country with millions of miles of highways, crowded metropolises, sunny beaches, lush rainforests and endless possibilities has been a foundation for a new beginning. It wasn’t easy to preserver and succeed all alone in this new world. Falling in love, getting married and starting a family has been a blessing which gave me a purpose for all those countless days of

  • We Go Back In Time Essay

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    Let's go back in time... It's 2007, the iPhone is just being introduced. Before the iPhone was released do you remember the phones that were used? Our interactions were dramatically different. Do you remember having to click 3 or 4 times on your flip phone just to find the right letter? Do you remember the first iPhone and how slow it was compared to today's phones? The world was a different place. Thanks to innovative companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and others we have been able to

  • Why I Decided to Go Back to School

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    Maurice to take me to get an abortion in St. Louis because I was so far along I had to go out of state to where they could meet my needs. We arrived at the clinic and I just couldn’t do it. I had prayed about it and I just could not go through with the abortion. I’m glad that I didn’t, she is just amazing to me. However, things were starting to change all over again for my husband and myself. Maurice was back to his old tricks of physically abusing me and cheating. I was home with the kids one

  • Why I Wouldn 't Go Back

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    We’ve all heard our elders say, “what I wouldn’t give to go back,” but I can’t imagine anything that would make me agree to repeat high school. Blessed with a heavy dose of femininity and no athleticism, my enrollment at an all-boys Catholic prep school seemed less like a privilege and more akin to a sick joke. Having bumped into my former classmates over the years, I know most recall me for coming out senior year, but breaking down barriers was not what motivated me; instead, I merely hoped owning

  • I Should Go Back For Med School

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    "You should go back to med school" is a statement I 've been hearing for years. Deciding to apply is not a decision i have taken lightly. This isn’t a choice that came about from a burning desire to be a Doctor since a young age, or some tragic life changing event. This has been a decision based on professional interactions, research and personal experiences that keep pointing me in the same direction. RN school, my job as hospital tech, and my current job in the ED have given me great incite to

  • Bhutanese People Should Go Back To Bhutan

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    Many old Nepalese, Bhutanese people wish to go back to Bhutan. Why do these people wish to go back to their motherland, Bhutan? By the end of 1990, people who lived in the southern part of Bhutan were forced to leave their land. They started to move in Nepal and lived in there for almost 19 years as refugees in refugee camp. Bhutanese had dream to go back to their own country, but their dream remained unfulfilled. The Bhutanese government prevented Nepalese, Bhutanese people from entering in Bhutan