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  • Video Game : Super Smash Bro 's Melee

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    Packed into the basement of University Hall, every Thursday night students at New York University gather to play what was once a children 's party game. Rows of old CRT’s are taken out of closets and hauled downstairs and players unwind their trusty controllers. Soon the soothing click clack of Gamecube controllers fills the air as everyone begins to warm up for the bracket that night. These players are fans of Super Smash Bro’s Melee, a tight knit community of dedicated gamers. Colloquially referred

  • Go Go Music : The Problem Of Go-Go Music

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    If you live in the D.C. metro area, there’s a fairly high chance that you may have heard go-go music. You may have been walking down the street in D.C. and heard people banging on trash cans and not even realized what kind of music it was. A Home to a well educated black middle class because of institutions like Howard University, DC, unfortunately, experienced a similar urban issue that was the same as with many US cities beginning in the late 1960s. After the assassination of Martin Luther King

  • The Life of David Brainerd

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    his father, sold his estate and used that money to fund a young man's college bill. That young man continued to have his school bill paid for until his benefactor died. He was able to go through college until his junior year of college.12 Soon David was told by his missionary directors that they would like him to go the the Indians that lived near the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers. On December 15, 1742 he said good-bye to his friends lest they never meet on this earth again, which was a possibility

  • Traffic Congestion and the Pollution it Creates is Affecting Air Quality

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    According to the Toronto Environmental Office, vehicles are responsible for 35% of all greenhouse gases (GHG) produced in Toronto (City of Toronto, 2011), and the Clean Air Partnership estimates that idling in the GTHA wastes 90 million litres of fuel each year (ibid), which further justifies the need to combat gridlock and traffic congestion with effective government policies. Air is a transboundary problem therefore no one jurisdiction, whether it is a municipality, province, country or continent

  • Importance of Following Directions

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    The  Importance  of  Following  Directions       Following   directions   is   one   of   the   most   basic   and   fundamental   skills   necessary  to  maintain  order  in  today’s  society.  From  the  most  basic  “No!”  to  a  little   child   to   “Don’t   drink   and   drive,”   following   directions   can   save   a   life   and   maintain   safety,   create   efficiency   in   the

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Presto Card

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    and Hamilton Area. The Presto framework was intended to help the utilization of one normal strategy for toll installment on different partaking open travel frameworks, tantamount with different frameworks. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), GO Transit, Ottawa's OC Transport, and eight civil travel accomplices inside the GTHA embraced the outline and advancement of a consistent provincial travel farecard framework (Presto) in view of contactless technology. Presto cards are

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Bad Axiety Day

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    It was one of those days. A bad anxiety day. After taking a break from school, and not having any classes to attend or exams to take, these didn’t come very frequently anymore. I liked history but just the thought of having to be on campus, or alone in that room, away from everything I considered home, scared me. The panic attacks had scarred me, traumatized me, and changed me into someone I couldn’t recognize anymore. I had always been a shy person that would overthink everything but it wasn’t

  • Golden Horseshoe

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    Over the last few decades South-Central Ontario has progressed from a Toronto based employment industry to a large geographic region with numerous amount of economic activity centres, employment and population (Transportation development strategy report, 2012). Due to the high increase in urbanization and urban sprawl, there is a high travel demand that is very dispersed throughout the GTA. Future population and employment growth in major urban centres will result in an increase in travel demand

  • Explain How Roadways And Public Transit Have Impacted The City

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    How Roadways and Public transit have impacted the city The top issue in Toronto was the poor performance of public transit such as buses, streetcars, and subway trains. The TTC system is of very bad performance that even many transit systems in third- world countries provide users with better experiences than trasit users have in Toronto. The current major problems with TTC are: crowding during rush periods and insufficient ridership to justify reasonable service levels at other times. Another

  • Analysis Of The Story ' Happy Birthday Chrissie '

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    Introduction In an apartment in New York City a woman cried in her room. The woman was 23 and would usually be called beautiful but today her hair was unkempt and her face was covered in the same smudged makeup from the day before. Her room was trashed, and the woman was curled on her bed hugging a banner that read happy birthday. The rest of the house seemed untouched. In the living room a pile of gifts lay wrapped on the table and a painstakingly crafted cake stood on the counter the inscription